Our business is owned by the Thankyou Charitable Trust, a registered charitable entity. After Thankyou's costs are taken care of, we give 100% of our profits to the trust, which then distributes the funds to life-changing food, water and health and sanitation programs around the world.

We always have and always will exist 100% for ending the effects of global poverty.

We bring you
great products

We build brand

We pay

We take on

We exist 100%
to end global poverty


You can view our independently audited Thankyou Charitable Trust financials here.

"Every decision that we make is ultimately about maximising the impact that we can have by funding life-changing projects around the world."


Thankyou is 100% owned for the benefit of our Charitable Trust, which means we don’t offer any sale of share of our business. Read on to discover how on earth we keep growing.

1. Chapter One

As Thankyou is a social enterprise (a business instead of a charity), previously we haven’t encouraged public donations. However, with the set up of our FutureFund, we are now able to accept donations that specifically go towards scaling the future of Thankyou.

The cool thing about the FutureFund is that it's not just an avenue to accept donations. We want to exchange value for value. You’re giving us your hard-earned cash to fund our future, so we want to give you something you can use in your future by directing your funds to 'pay what you want' for one of our newest products, Chapter One. Chapter One is a book written by one of our co-founders Daniel Flynn that tells the story of Thankyou from its beginning in 2008. It will inspire readers to challenge their thinking, to dream big, and to make their ideas a reality. You can find out more about Chapter One here.

2. Social Finance

Social investors offer low interest loans, which aids in capital costs involved in bringing you great products. As Thankyou is not structured to be driven by equity financing, this will only work for those truly 'social' investors.

3. Match Donors

During the start-up stage of a new business venture, we partner with match donors who agree to give $1 for every dollar that our business raises for the Trust. This allows us to manage and sustain initial capital costs incurred by the business as we continue to meet our commitment to our Project Partners.

4. Angel Donors

Our awesome angel donors give to us directly, without tax deductions. These rare and precious folks help us fund high-risk, high-return new product launches and daring Thankyou marketing campaigns.