This is the new frontier of cleaning.

In the history of cleaning, if you wanted to get rid of a risk in your home (germs and bacteria), you’d have to enter a risk into your home (nasty chemicals). 

With Thankyou Universal Cleaner, no nasty chemical risk is required to remove a risk. The best part is that it’s harmless for repeated incidental skin contact (even sensitive)(1). The gloves are off, literally.

Good things take time.
Our breakthrough formula uses something that our culture - and big chemical cleaning companies - have worked hard to fight; time. Cleaners are made almost instantly by mixing harmful chemicals and producing chemical/hazardous waste in the process. Instead, we use the natural power of fermentation (over days) of approved (non-GMO) 100% natural ingredients to deliver to you the new frontier of cleaning.
Chemical cleaning
What makes us different

1. Eurofins Test: 16th ER 22/038-11. Harmless after repeated (incidental) skin contact. Non-irritant on sensitive skin.

2. Household-grade disinfectant (1:3 dilution) kills 99.9% of germs (EN 1276).

3. Antibacterial floor & window cleaner (1:9 dilution) kills 99% of germs (EN 1276).

Choose your strength

Our breakthrough cleaner is an effective solution, no matter what you’re tackling. It arrives to you as a hospital-grade disinfectant. But at home, if you add 3 parts water to 1 part formula, you’ll have a household antibacterial cleaner(2). Add 9 parts water to 1 part formula and you’ll have an antibacterial floor and window cleaner3(3).


Hospital Grade Disinfectant


Household Grade Antibacterial


Antibacterial Floor & Window Cleaner

Is this Australia's most affordable cleaning system?

Our dilution system is designed to be good for your home and your pocket. When diluted to household-grade disinfectant, our cleaner costs $0.33 per 100mL, compared to an average of $1.08ML for other cleaners in the category. It’s even more cost-effective when diluted to antibacterial floor & window cleaner, Thankyou’s Universal Cleaner is $0.13 per 100mL, while others on the market range from $0.80 — $1.20.

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Home Cleaning Starter Kit | Botanical Grapefruit, Aluminium White - Thankyou Co (New Shopify)

A cleaner, safer home.

In one world of cleaning, you’ll find chemicals that clean homes and kill germs but have consequences for people and our planet. In the other world, you’ll find natural formulations that can’t clean or kill germs to the level that some chemicals can. To us, ‘the new frontier of cleaning’ isn’t a marketing line – it’s the best description of this formula that can deliver the best of both former worlds, for a cleaner and a safer one. 

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Home Cleaning Starter Kit | Botanical Grapefruit, Aluminium White - Thankyou Co (New Shopify)

1-Eurofins Test: 16th ER 22/038-11. Harmless after repeated (incidental) skin contact. Non-irritant on sensitive skin. 2 Household-grade disinfectant (1:3 dilution) kills 99.9% of germs (EN 1276). 3 Antibacterial floor & window cleaner (1:9 dilution) kills 99% of germs (EN 1276).

How we stack up

We commissioned Mérieux Nutrisciences to compare publicly available information of 13 leading brands' claims. They found the following:

1 The specified feature was not stated/is not available (N/A) in the product label, official brand website, Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), or Safety Data Sheet (SDS). 2 The product label and/or website states 99.9% germ kill, which is the requirement for antibacterial claim. The product may achieve higher microbial kill, but is not stated on the label or website. Note: The comparison was conducted on 5 June 2023. We provide a comparison to some brands that don’t have hospital grade disinfectant because our Universal Cleaning formula can be diluted to household grade antibacterial cleaner.

How to use Australia’s breakthrough cleaner


4-in-1 Squeegee - In use - Thankyou

4-in-1 Squeegee

Universal Cleaner

Frequently asked questions

At Thankyou, we love taking you behind the curtain of how our products are made and, in this case, how this unicorn came to be. Often, when someone innovates and creates a world-first product, they have 2 options: 1. Create their own brand to sell it. 2. Go to a supermarket or existing market-leading brand and sell it to them. Creating a brand with a strong following takes years and costs millions and there are also huge risks for innovators choosing option two. Enter option three: Join Thankyou and bring your innovation under a brand that is owned 100% by a charitable trust and exists all for its mission, the end of extreme poverty. The innovator gets paid for their work (because they’ve dedicated their life to it), and Thankyou makes the normal margin a brand makes when they sell a product. It’s a win-win-win-win. Win for the creator, win for Thankyou, win for you and a win for humanity. But there’s one caveat to this — the innovator has to be driven by purpose beyond profit. Although they win by partnering with us, they will never win as much as they might with options one or two. But like us, the innovators and creators we work with are driven by purpose, and together, we are reimagining the products our world chooses.

The dedicated team that worked for years to develop this breakthrough formulation could have taken it anywhere, but they choose Thankyou, and for that, the world will be forever grateful.

For hospital-grade disinfection, use our Universal Cleaner undiluted. For household grade disinfection2, use 1 part Universal Cleaner to 3 parts water. If using our recycled plastic or aluminium 500ml Forever Bottle, this is 125ml cleaner to 375ml. If using our 400ml glass Forever Bottle, pour cleaner up to the 1:3 marker. For antibacterial floor & window cleaner3, dilute 1 part Universal Cleaner with 9 parts water. If using our 500ml bottles, this is 50ml cleaner to 450ml water. If using our 400ml glass bottle, pour cleaner up to the 1:9 marker.

Universal Cleaner is safe for use on glass and windows, upholstery, highchair, kitchen and oven, bathroom, tiles and flooring. It can be used on varnished or sealed wooden surfaces like wooden bench tops. Sealed non porous stone surfaces including tiles and bench tops. Brushed steel and chrome plated steel. Refer to our Perfect Clean Guide for specific instructions and care before cleaning delicate surfaces like soft furnishings and upholstery. Avoid use on porous stone surfaces, untreated marble or stone and untreated wooden surfaces.

Yep. Here’s a wild story for you. Most products that kill mould should actually be called ‘mould bleachers’ because they bleach your mould (so you can’t see it) but don’t always kill it. The fact that this is even allowed in the market blows our minds. Our product (if left for 10 minutes on mould) kills the mould, but it doesn’t bleach it. You can then remove the mould with a scourer.

So did one of ours (accidentally) during the testing phase. Unlike other cleaners you don’t need to call the poison hotline (because it’s not poison). But this is definitely not a drink or designed to be consumed. Rinse mouth out, monitor and seek medical attention if necessary. 

We are working around the clock to transition hospitals, schools and childcare facilities to this product. It can be a slow process, but your help as a parent or patient asking for it goes further than you know. Head over to our incredible partner, Kind Regards, for options on wholesale pricing.

Yep. We’ll deliver it on a subscription to your place, forever. Or at least until you cancel. No cancellation fees; cancel any time.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone here. Our co-founder Daniel went a little crazy about it too.