Thankyou is a social enterprise. We believe we can end global poverty in this lifetime, together. That's why we give 100% of the profits from our awesome products to helping people in need.

Almost a billion people live in extreme poverty, while six billion people don't. We reckon the six billion of us could work together to put an end to global poverty, for good.

How it works

We make awesome products

We love making great water, food, body care and baby products with value to match.

We give 100% of the profits to people in need

Every cent of our profits goes towards ending global poverty, by helping to get safe water, sanitation, food and child and maternal health programs to people in need.

We prove it

Our Track Your Impact system lets you see exactly which project your product is helping to fund.


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Look out for Thankyou in your next shop or online and make sure to track the amazing impact you're making for people in need.

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