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Launch 06.06.23: Thankyou Reimagined
You are invited to join us as we launch the next chapter of Thankyou.

The giving system is broken, and we helped break it.

This is not your usual hand wash story. Together we’ve raised $17.57 million for our charity partners.

Our impact partner African Visionary Fund is committed to funding African social change-makers to accelerate their impact.

Our impact partner D-Prize exists to increase the distribution of existing, effective poverty interventions to alleviate the impact of poverty.

Our impact partner Nuru exists to equip families with the tools and knowledge they need to lift themselves out of extreme poverty, for good.

Our impact partner One Heart Worldwide is committed to helping women and newborns receive quality healthcare services during pregnancy and childbirth.

Our impact partner Raising The Village is committed to working with rural communities in Uganda to help move them out of ultra poverty, and towards economic self-sufficiency.

Our impact partner StrongMinds exists to deliver life-changing mental healthcare to women in Africa.

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Thankyou Letter Blog Thumbnail V1 @2X
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A ‘thank you’ letter, for you.

Thank you for (still) choosing Thankyou. We could not do this without you.
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Glocamp0003 No Small Plan Update Blog Thumbnail V2 @2X
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No Small Plan Update

At Thankyou, we don’t think hope is a soft word. We hold onto it like our life depends on it. Since 2020, we’ve seen the mission we are part of helping solve - the end of extreme poverty - go from bad to worse. In that same time period our plan - No Small Plan - took more twists and turns than we’d ever expected – we’ve mapped it for you...

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Water Exit Blog Thumbnail @2X

We’re announcing the end of Thankyou Water

We’re announcing that this is the end, we’re out.
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We exist to help create a world where not one person lives in extreme poverty.

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