Meet The Flynns

Words by Jess Burns
04 August, 2017

Daniel and Justine (our awesome co-founders!) have been on the Thankyou journey for 9 years now and have managed to achieve some seriously epic stuff (you might wanna read Chapter One if you’re not sure what we’re talking about! 😉 It’s been 2 years since their boy Jedediah entered the world, so we sat down with the Flynns to ask them a few questions about life, parenting and their 2 year old trail-blazer!

1. Your family in 3 words, GO!

Daniel: Spontaneous, adventurous, love. (We also love spontaneous adventures.)

Justine: Loving, spontaneous and fun!

2. Best thing about being a Mum/Dad to little Jed?

Daniel: Realising that we get to bring up someone that has their own unique gift for the planet and help foster that and show him the ropes of what we’ve learnt so far.

Justine: I love that just when I think it couldn’t get any better, another day goes by and it gets even better than the day before. I love that everyday he surprises us with what he’s learnt and absorbed and who he is as his own unique little human. He is the kindest, sweetest soul who brings so much joy to our lives.

3. On the flip side, what’s been the biggest challenge?

Daniel: This kid is an adventurer. He is a runner. Has so much energy. It’s a fun challenge.

Justine: Biggest challenge currently is going out in public as he just ruuuuuuuunnnnnnns and it can be pretty scary at times. He is a trail-blazer… who can stop him?!

4. How have you managed to balance work life and family?

Daniel: We’re still trying to manage it, but we’re making sure we make time for family holidays and general family time. We’re being proactive about it these days and actually scheduling these times in! They’re in the diary – family time, family days and holidays.

Justine: With a lot of help and a lot of humour! It’s been a matter of understanding that everything won’t always be perfect, trying to keep the main thing the main thing and enjoying every moment. For me that means taking the pressure off myself to cook gourmet, organic dinners every night or keeping the house the way I would like it be all the time. Rather, being present and cherishing the moments we do have together. Thankyou is in many ways my “baby” too, so that helps me to prioritise where I’m needed most.

5. Funniest thing Jed has done or said?

Daniel: Funniest thing he’s said to me (and Jus) – in response to us saying something or doing something “Oh no Dad” (in a strong english accent). We still have no idea where he’s got it from… maybe Peppa Pig?!

Justine: One day we were standing in the kitchen and he pointed to a print up on the wall which he knew said “This Kitchen is for Dancing” (we’ve pointed to it and read it out to him so many times!) But this time he mumbled the words and with so much joy expected us all to start dancing together! We still claim that was his first ‘sentence’. 😂

6. What do you remember about the day Jed was born?

Daniel: I remember it was the most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life and by the end I had so much respect for Jus’ courage and persistence and strength. I cannot forget the first moment I looked into Jed’s deep brown eyes and we stared at each other for a minute or two. It was amazing.

Justine: I remember thinking “What??!! Only 3 centimetres?!?! You have GOT to be kidding” and mentally trying to understand how the heck a baby was going to come out of me… “What do you mean PUSH!?!” But when he came out, the world I knew was forever changed for the better! I also reflected too (as did Daniel) how our birthing experience seemed similar in ways to the birthing journey of Thankyou, except that took 3 years! Ha

You can find Daniel and Justine on social media here @danielflynn88 and @justflynn.

— Words by Jess Burns