Our grant criteria

Mission alignment

Our impact partner’s purpose, mission and vision align with Thankyou. They must have sufficient evidence to prove their organisation is serving communities living in extreme poverty. Some globally recognised definitions and standards of extreme poverty are: living on less than $2.15 a day (World Bank Definition), or communities deemed as acutely poor using the Multidimensional Poverty Index (Health, Education, Assets)


Impact is measurable, positive change, occurring as a result of our partner’s solution, accounting for all other variables.

  • Our partners are clear on whether they play a causal, attributional, or contributional role in achieving these positive changes.
  • They have clear, defined success metrics and measurable outcomes.
  • They have robust systems and processes of collecting and analysing data to know whether impact has occurred
  • They have a working Theory of Change Model(s) or equivalent system map, which clearly defines causal pathways, and they are constantly learning and testing these assumptions.

System focused

Systems thinking is acknowledging that the world is made up of interconnected networks which function, with multiple cause-effect relationships.

  • This means our partners are focused on discovering the root causes of poverty, and invest in building a system map through research, learning and analysing the environment
  • They are clear about the role they play in addressing micro, meso and macro-level systems change and build equivalent frameworks to assess the outcomes they are trying to achieve
  • They tailor their evaluative practices to measure the impact of their solutions and are constantly building their evidence base.
  • They’re passionate about building systems fitness - contributing to shared visions of success within and across sectors through mutually reinforcing innovation and positive relationships between organisations and individuals. This enables effective practices to spread, increases communication between key stakeholders, and increases the resilience of players within the system to changing conditions.
  • They amplify key local voices at every stage – from ideation and concept, to prototyping, piloting, implementing, scaling-up and finally, at the monitoring and evaluation stage.
  • They avoid undertaking parallel activities and solutions to other existing partners.

Sustainable endgame

We believe philanthropy is a short-term solution, at best. Therefore, our partners aim for a sustainable impact by having a clear, resourced, and well-planned end-game from the beginning.

  • They have a clear exit strategy and scale plan built into every solution implemented.
  • They identify and involve scale partners from the concept and ideation stage of a solution. Scale partners engaged are typically government, private business or civil society.
  • They have clear milestones and metrics to assess and test the feasibility of their scale plans.
  • They champion open-source learning with other key stakeholders to replicate their model.

A remarkable team

Our partners are high in character and in capabilities.

  • They have a proven track record built by grit and perseverance.
  • They share Thankyou’s values of passion, pioneering, solutions-focus, honour, integrity, teamwork and learning. They are authentic, open, and transparent.
  • They serve vulnerable and marginalized communities with humility.
  • They are constantly learning, testing problems, thinking and solutions, and adapting to new information.
  • They are backed and governed by an engaged and empowering board.
  • They’re focused on financial stewardship, have relevant controls, processes and procedures in place, adhere to local legislation and deliver on their key financial performance metrics.

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