An Industry Breakthrough Formula: Introducing Thankyou Deodorant

Words by The Thankyou Team
11 October, 2023

Say hello to Thankyou’s Deodorant, a 100% natural origin deodorant, that is also a 48- hour antiperspirant delivered to consumers in a design-led, sustainable refill system. 

A combination like this has never existed before…until now.

One of the challenges for natural products, particularly in the deodorant category, is that they’re natural (yay!) but often, they don’t work.

Gilles, a french innovator, who’s previous companies and ideas have gone on to do great things, has joined the movement to help Thankyou take Thankyou to Europe (more on No Small Plan). Gilles developed the formula for this breakthrough deodorant and labelled this innovation as “his life’s best work”.

And then…he gave it to Thankyou.

Meet Thankyou’s deodorant collection

Introducing Thankyou deodorant – a 100% natural origin, 48-hour antiperspirant delivered to you in a design-led, sustainable refill system. 

The good stuff

Delivered to consumers in a design-led, refillable deodorant bottle, this 100% natural origin game-changing deo provides a stain-free 48- hour protection that is safe on sensitive skin. This natural formulation is what sets Thankyou Deodorant apart from other deodorants on the market. It is made with a blend of ingredients with natural origin, which works to neutralize odor and keep you feeling confident throughout the day. Unlike conventional deodorants that contain harmful chemicals like aluminum and parabens, Thankyou Deodorant is free from any harsh ingredients, making it safe for your skin and the environment.

In addition to its natural formulation, Thankyou Deodorant is also cruelty-free and vegan. We're committed to ensuring that no animals are harmed in the making of their products. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality deodorant without compromising your values.

Available in either Coconut & Santal, or Cypress & Cedar, Thankyou’s deodorant has been carefully formulated leaving out ingredients that could be potentially harmful to people and the planet. This deodorant is cruelty-free, dermatologically-tested, and vegan and is in a recyclable refill bottle made using 94% recycled plastic, and designed to be refilled, forever.

Thankyou Antiperspirant Deodorant -  Coconut & Santal  Refill

The Thankyou deodorant 50ml is complemented by 100ml refills, a system that can save you 67% if you purchase your refills on subscription at

We carefully formulate to leave out potentially harmful (to people and planet) ingredients.

Deodorant FAQ’s

- Is Thankyou Deodorant vegan? 
It sure is! Thankyou Deodorant is vegan friendly and cruelty free! Yay!

- Is Thankyou Deodorant safe on sensitive skin?
Yes! We're happy to say that this 100% natural origin Deodorant is dermatologically tested, and is safe for sensitive skin.

- How to use Thankyou Deodorant? 
Apply to underarms only. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. Stop use if irritation occurs.

- How to refill Thankyou Deodorant?
Unscrew the deodorant bottle lid and pour your refill into a clean and dry Thankyou Deodorant bottle. Screw the lid back on and ensure this has been done firmly to prevent any leaks. Apply to underarms only. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. Stop use if irritation occurs.

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Forever Bottle - Body Wash Refill Thankyou

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