Every movement has a manifesto. This is ours.
Chapter Zero is a book that can never be bought; it can only be given. It’s written for everyone on the inside.
A unique copy is given to each team member and partner who is helping to build Thankyou. To those of you who join our Launch Team to help launch ideas, as a gift from us, you'll receive a digital copy with most of Chapter Zero’s content. 
At Thankyou, we are writing a world-first book, written chapter by chapter over years, maybe even decades. The collection of chapters makes up the Thankyou book. Chapter Zero was written after Chapter One and before Chapter Two was published. Our world is full of ideas, businesses, leaders and teams that grow quickly but rest on a foundation that often can’t support the growth. Chapter Zero is a bold step of going deep into foundations. It took twelve years to gain the insights and shape the ideas and secrets it holds.
While everything inside of us wanted to power forwards after the release of Chapter One and launch Chapter Two and beyond, we realised that to go forward, we had to first go backwards. We had to make sure our foundation was strong enough for what would be built in the years to come. An arrow must go backwards before it’s propelled forward. A building is first built down, so it can then go up.  In Chapter Zero we’ve documented the secrets and learnings we’ve discovered from our past, and the ideas we think will ultimately deliver our future. Like a compass is to the pioneer, Chapter Zero is to those of us who are co-creating, co-imagining, co-pushing the limits of this idea with infinite potential that we call Thankyou.

The making of Chapter Zero.

This is a story of collaboration. From a writer who penned this during some of our most testing times, to the editors pouring over every detail, to the idea generators & refiners who wouldn’t settle until it was right, to the creative designers and artisans of their craft who put down some of their lifes best work. For those involved this project carried a weight unlike anything they’d worked on before, not just because of the art itself- but the purpose for which they painted.
Each hard cover takes 2 hours 45 minutes to make and is hand bound in an off grid workshop in New Zealand by an artisan of her craft.

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