It’s time to make a switch, for good.

Words by Thankyou
14 February, 2024

Make the Switch to Personal Care & Cleaning Refills

In 2023, we reimagined Thankyou. Think makeover, but make it sustainable. We redesigned and relaunched our everyday essentials, like Hand & Body Wash, from the Amber bottles you often see on supermarket shelves to our Hand & Body Wash Forever Bottles, made from 100% recycled aluminium, complemented by a refill system made from high-value recycled HDPE.

Just like you, we’re on a constant mission to be as sustainable as possible whilst still delivering the Thankyou products, like body wash, that you know and love at an affordable price. We know the importance of making sustainable product choices, but we also know that as a consumer and as a business, this stuff can be pretty complicated. So, we decided to make it easy.

No more single-use plastic.

No more virgin plastic. 

Loads more sustainable options to make complicated body wash shopping, uncomplicated!

The plastic pollution epidemic

As a consumer, navigating the personal care category for sustainable options can sometimes be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack. Plastic pollution has skyrocketed as an environmental epidemic, with serious repercussions for the well-being of our planet and all that inhabit it.For brands and businesses, rethinking products with reusing, reducing and recycling at the forefront is what’s going to help us, as a brand, and you, as a consumer, move towards more sustainable living.We’re proud to play a part where we can by joining many pioneering brands in the process of continuous sustainable improvement within our product offerings.

Out: Single-use plastic packaging

In: Sustainable refills!

We’re in our refill era, and you should be, too.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the rise of the refill hitting some pretty impressive numbers, decreasing the amount of plastic being produced, conservation of water and energy during manufacturing and last by not least, making sure you’re getting value for every dollar you’re spending.

Purchasing personal care refills, such as Hand & Body Wash refills, not only helps to reduce plastic waste and minimise the carbon footprint, it contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle for all of us. Thankyou Forever Bottles provides consumers with a refillable body wash alternative, with refill options packaged in high-value recyclable HDPE. Sounds fancy, huh? To give it to you straight, they’re made from recycled materials, and they’re kerbside recyclable. Add these refills to our Forever Bottles, and you’ve got a sustainable match made in (environmental) heaven.

As well as being good for the environment, purchasing Body Wash refills also give you some pretty good bang for your buck.

A 500mL Hand Wash costs $10.95, with a 3L Hand & Body Wash refill costing you $44.95. At first glance, that may seem like a high cost, but, not only are you able to purchase less frequently, a 3L refill would refill your 500mL Forever Bottle for $7.95. It’s body wash math!

Purchasing less frequently isn’t just good for you as a time and money saver; it’s actually really good for the environment, too. By purchasing larger refills, you’re helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your purchases through fewer resources, contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions. You’re also helping to curb the excess use of plastic in the personal care industry just by purchasing less frequently. Go you!

Ready to go all-in?

If you’re ready to go all-in with us on your sustainability journey, grab yourself a once-off purchase of our Forever Bottles, and a Hand & Body Wash Refill.

   1. Remove the fragrance sticker from your Forever Bottle pack and place it on your Forever Bottle

   2. Unscrew the pump from your Forever Bottle, fill it all the way up with your Hand & Body Wash refill and reattach the pump

   3. Store your refill for next time

   4. When you’ve finished with the product inside your Forever Bottle, we recommend washing the inside of the bottle with soap and warm water. Once clean, allow the bottle to dry before refilling.

   5. When your refill runs out, get a new bottle and repeat!

If Forever Bottles aren’t your thing, that’s cool too. You can still purchase a Thankyou 1L Body Wash, and a matching Hand & Body Wash refill to make sure you’re still doin’ your bit.

TLDR: Recycling and refilling is in!

At Thankyou, we believe all of our products should be good for you, good for humanity, and good for the planet. So, we created our Hand & Body Wash refills with this in mind!

To recap, just by purchasing refills, you’re:

  • Getting more value for money
  • Reducing your environmental impact through reducing your carbon footprint, minimising waste
  • What you are purchasing is recyclable, so you’re when you’re done with it, you’re able to dispose of your product responsibly
  • And lastly, you’re never getting caught empty-handed!

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