For those who want to change the world

In the best-selling book Chapter One, Daniel Flynn, author and co-founder of Australia's most successful social enterprise Thankyou, takes you behind the scenes of Thankyou's startup journey. In this inspiring and authentic read, Flynn tackles some of the most common questions asked by those wanting to change stuff in their world - big stuff, small stuff and all the stuff in-between:

  • How do you overcome fear?
  • How do you turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones?
  • What happens when you're facing the giants?
  • Does money change everything?
  • What is my why, my purpose?
  • What am I going to change to leave the world in a better place?

This book is an invitation, to YOU.

To inspire you to challenge everything, to remind you that you can turn ideas into reality, and to give you the opportunity to be part of a bold idea that could change the course of history.

I save my pocket money to buy Chapter One for people I think are world-changers in my life.

— Landen, 12y.o, Australia

I've just started reading Chapter One and I feel more alive than ever! You gave me hope for the future.

— Camilla, kite lover, producer, Italy

Bold, inspiring, impactful.

— Don, pizza lover, CEO, Australia


5/5 stars


4.4/5 stars


4.2/5 stars

A story within a story within a story

Chapter One is a story, has a story and is writing stories around the world. It's the story of Thankyou's first seven years and is the first instalment of ‘The Thankyou Book' – a book that will be written chapter by chapter, not once we've made it, but as the story grows. Watch Daniel Flynn talk about the story behind Chapter One on The Socality Show.

A book purchase with a difference

For every book you've ever read, you've likely only played the role of the reader. But in this book, you are a reader, a social investor in an idea that could change the course of history, and a social activist taking a stand against the injustice of extreme poverty in our world.

You have the power to change stuff

You can change the status quo, the industry you find yourself in, the social problem you see, or the trajectory of your team, organisation, and your life. In this book we've taken you behind the curtain more than most expected us to, in the belief that what we've found could help you on your journey.

Frequently asked questions

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Chapter One was launched in 2016 as a creative solution to a big challenge inherent in our model. As a company that is all-for Impact we have limited options for raising capital to invest into expanding Thankyou. So, we decided to launch a book at a Pay What You Want price point in an effort to raise funds so that Thankyou can expand and deliver more dollars to Impact. Within 28 days of launching, Chapter One sold more than 55,000 copies and raised over $1.44M (AUD) to enable Thankyou to expand into New Zealand and into the Baby category. To date, Chapter One has sold more than 140,000 copies and raised more than $2.8M. Funds from the sale of Chapter One still go towards funding the future of Thankyou, taking #thankyoutotheworld.

To date, Thankyou has given more than $18M (AUD) to fund impactful change-makers around the world with the goal of seeing a world where not one person lives in extreme poverty.

Chapter Two is the book we thought we were going to write next but on our way there we discovered we had to first go backwards to go forwards. We've released Chapter Zero, a book that can never be bought, it can only be given - on our way to the launch of Chapter Two. Chapter Zero is a very different book. It's a big bet on foundations and because of it, we believe it will make for an even better Chapter Two. In time, Chapter Two and the ideas it holds will find its way to the world. That's a day we've been dreaming of ever since the pen stopped writing Chapter One. We hold calling out specific timelines and launch days loosely at Thankyou, that is, until the day we launch. On that day we go all in. See you there. 

About the author

Daniel is married to Justine (Thankyou co-founder) who he was dating when Thankyou started. He's the father of two children, who he would argue are the most gifted children on earth; son Jedediah and daughter Jordan. Of course, he's competing with every parent on this claim!

Daniel was 19 when Thankyou began and he's as passionate today about the vision as the day it started. We've been on this journey for over a decade now but if you asked him where we are at he'd tell you: it's just the beginning.

Outside of Thankyou, Daniel's really passionate about others making their own ideas and dreams a reality. He believes that everyone has the power to do something extraordinary and make a remarkable impact on the world.