Bridging the gap between extreme poverty & extreme consumerism.

In 2008¹ as just teenagers, Daniel, Justine & Jarryd co-founded Thankyou to help bridge the gap between two of our world’s extremes; extreme poverty & extreme consumerism.

Thankyou became known for its breakthrough, viral consumer marketing campaigns — from flying helicopters over supermarket head offices to launching a pay-what-you-want book to raise money to help the organisation expand which became second to only the Harry Potter launch week in airport bookstores; but this was only the beginning.

A recent announcement about Thankyou’s plans to expand globally generated 2.6 billion impressions and 825 media features in 36 countries. Thankyou held the number one hand-wash position in Australia for 5 years, and some of the highest category loyalty which has helped generate over $18.1 million for its impact partners. In a 23-minute interview, President Obama asked Daniel when Thankyou was coming to the world. Thankyou is now finally answering that question, with plans to rapidly expand far beyond Australia and New Zealand.

The campaigns