Thankyou Reimagined: Introducing Our New Personal Care & Cleaning Range

Words by The Thankyou Team
19 July, 2023

Hey friends,

If you’ve been part of our journey, you’ll know we’ve been busy behind the scenes. Since the launch of our No Small Plan campaign, we’ve been working with our incredible partners on the next chapter of Thankyou - reimagined products and forging bold new paths forward. To celebrate the launch of our online store, we want to give you a rundown of what’s new and what you can expect to find. Introducing Thankyou, Reimagined.

To see our mission realised - taking Thankyou to the world sustainably and making a global impact - we’ve had to reimagine everything. It began with reimagining some of Thankyou’s genesis products, like hand wash and body wash, and working with some of the best innovators around the world to reimagine the cleaning and deodorant categories to deliver innovation the market hasn’t seen before.  So, what’s new?

  • Refill Systems. Thankyou refills and reusable Forever Bottles, designed to promote circularity.
  • New packaging. More sustainable offerings of the Thankyou products you know and love.
  • New products and new categories. We’ve partnered with designers and innovators to introduce game-changing products and an entirely new category (but more on that below).

Personal Care, Reimagined

Our personal care range is home to world-class products sourced from the best ingredients that clean, protect and nourish your skin. We worked with global innovators and disruptors to reimagine our genesis products and introduce new products to our range.

Hand & Body Wash

Our hand & body wash is what we’re most known for. Now, there’s even more to love. 

  • Updated formulas. All Thankyou hand & body wash are now vegan. We’ve also introduced a Fragrance Free option that is as nourishing as it is effective for being gentle on skin.
  • Refills. Thankyou Hand & Body wash refills are now available in 1L and 3L options.
  • More sustainable packaging. Our bottles and refills are kerbside recyclable and made using high-value recyclable natural HDPE.
  • Pump Forever Bottles. We’ve created a range of refillable pump bottles made from 100% recycled aluminium  to pair with Thankyou refills.

Hand Sanitiser

Thankyou’s award-winning Botanical Grapefruit Sanitiser is here to stay. Same ingredients, same commitment to impact.

  • Choose your size. Thankyou Hand Sanitisers come in 50mL and 500mL options. Keep a large bottle at home and a pocket-sized one for the road.
  • Recyclable. Our sanitiser bottles are made using 98% recycled material and are kerbside recyclable. 

Antiperspirant Deodorant

Introducing Thankyou Antiperspirant Deodorant—a refillable dermatologically-tested 48-hour antiperspirant of 100% natural origin. A combination like this has never existed before, until now.

  • The good stuff. Our deodorant is vegan, cruelty free, stain-free and friendly on sensitive skin.
  • Recyclable and refillable. Our deodorant bottles are made using 94% recycled plastic and can be refilled with our Thankyou Antiperspirant Deodorant 100mL Refills.
  • Deodorant Forever Bottles. Our Deodorant Forever Bottles are designed to be purchased once and refilled forever.

Cleaning, Reimagined

A dedicated team had been working for years to develop an industry breakthrough formulation, creating never-seen-before innovation. This is the new frontier of cleaning.

Universal Cleaner

Thankyou Universal Cleaner is a 100% Natural Cleaner, that’s also a hospital-grade disinfectant. In one world of cleaning, you’ll find harsh chemicals that have consequences for people and our planet. In the other world, you’ll find natural formulations that don't always clean or kill germs as effectively. Our Universal Cleaner formula can deliver the best of both former worlds for a cleaner and safer one.

  • No chemical risk. Our breakthrough formula uses the power of fermentation (over days) of approved (non-GMO) 100% natural ingredients. This makes our Universal Cleaner gentle on our skin and gentle on our planet.
  • Choose your strength.  At its full strength, our Universal Cleaner is a Hospital Grade disinfectant, ready to tackle anything. Simply dilute it with water in a 1:3 ratio for a household antibacterial cleaner1, or 1:9 for  an antibacterial window and floor cleaner2.
  • Cost-effective. We believe in affordability. Our Universal Cleaner is $0.13 per 100mL, while others range from $0.80 to $1.20; making it one of Australia’s most affordable cleaners.
  • Refillable and recyclable. Thankyou Universal Cleaner is available in 1L and 3L refills. The bottles are made with 100% recycled material, which you can place in your kerbside recycling bin.
  • Spray Forever Bottles. Reusable spray bottles designed to stand the test of time. Pair with our Universal Cleaner Refills, and it’s a match made in sustainability heaven.

1Household-grade disinfectant (1:3 dilution) kills 99.99% of germs but is not approved for use against SARS-CoV-2

2Antibacterial floor & window cleaner (1:9 dilution) kills 99% of germs, such as E.Coli & S.Aureus.

Cleaning Tools

Joining our Universal Cleaner is a growing range of sustainable cleaning accessories aimed to help you revolutionise your cleaning, for good. Innovation takes time, so here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been working on.

  • 4-in-1 Squeegee. Extendable, detachable and specially designed to use with our Universal Cleaner on glass surfaces. Nothing short of window wizardry.
  • Microfibre Cloths. Thankyou microfibre cloths are made from 90% recycled plastic. Each 3-pack contains one glass cloth and two multipurpose cloths. The multipurpose cloths feature a textured scrubbing corner, perfect for tackling tougher patches.

An Update on Thankyou Baby Care

Thankyou has had a huge history in baby care, providing families with expertly developed and parent-tested products derived from natural ingredients. Someday soon, you’ll see Thankyou Baby Care, Reimagined. But for now, you can get Thankyou Baby Wipes, available in single or value packs.

We’re so excited to (finally) say that our new Thankyou products are available to shop online. The journey hasn’t been easy; we’ve gone all-in on the mission we exist all-for, and we can’t wait for you to join us.