No Small Plan.

Words by The Thankyou Team
29 September, 2020

An idea “too big” for a world “too broken”.

Today, we’ve launched our biggest, most risky campaign yet. This is: No Small Plan.

You and I exist in a world that’s a little upside down. Globally, as consumers we’re spending $63 trillion every year on stuff. While in that same world, there are 736 million people living in extreme poverty.

One world. Two Extremes.

Thankyou is an idea that exists to bridge the gap between the two.

The world is in a tough spot, now more than ever. A recent projection by the World Bank shows the economic flow on from the global pandemic we are currently facing will cause an estimated 100 million additional people forced into extreme poverty (living below $1.90)*.

So we had an idea, one that we think can change the course of history.

We’ve sent this invitation to two of the biggest product companies in the world, P&G and Unilever, asking if they’d partner with us to take Thankyou to the world #thankyoutotheworld by making and distributing Thankyou products. An invitation to flip business as usual to help to end extreme poverty.

We’ve also sent the same invitation to nine of their direct competitors, because if the ‘big two’ won’t help us on this mission, maybe someone else will.

This invitation isn’t an offer to buy Thankyou, no one ever can. It’s a partnership. This isn’t about making shareholders rich – because the whole reason we make money at Thankyou is to get it to the parts of the world that need it most.

Over the last 12 years, since Thankyou was founded, we have raised AUD $17 million to contribute towards the Thankyou vision; a world where not one person lives in extreme poverty.

If this idea works, Thankyou could go from two of the smallest countries to over 190 countries worldwide — impacting not just millions, but billions of people living in extreme poverty. The $17 million that together we’ve raised, could become hundreds of millions.

This is not a one person job. This idea needs you, and here’s how you can help:

Watch and share this video with everyone you know
Post a photo or share the campaign social tile with the caption “I’m in, are you?”
Tag @proctergamble and @unilever and use the hashtag #thankyoutotheworld

I'm In, Are You?

Join us, and get creative with your “I’m in, are you?” post — you could sing it, paint it on a mural, or even fly it from a helicopter (we like to dream big!). The point is, if each of us use what’s in our hand, together, we can take this idea further.

How will you know how this story ends? Once we secure a partner, we’re going to be announcing “who’s in” on one of the largest digital billboards in the world found in Times Square, New York City.

Now you might be asking what if it doesn’t work? But, can we ask you another question...what if it does work?

Together, we can flip consumerism and change the world. Thanks for coming on the journey, here’s to an idea that could change everything.