Gifting Impact, Gifting Thankyou

Words by The Thankyou Team
11 December, 2023

An easier way to say Thankyou this festive season


This year, the more things have changed (hello to our new products!), the more they stay the same (all of our products still, and will always, exist all-for the end of extreme poverty).

We’ve rereleased and reimagined our personal care products, while including some new ones, deodorant and home cleaning! Whether you’re looking for the perfect solution for too-hard-to-buy-for or the important gifts you have to buy this year (for yourself?), we’ve curated a very festive guide to help in all your gift-giving endeavours.

Gifts that are good for you, and good for humanity

While we all want to choose a product that is thoughtful and considered for the person you are giving it to, (think mum, uncle, teacher, co-worker, you!), imagine a gift that can keep giving?! Enter all Thankyou products.

Our products exist all-for the end of extreme. But what does that actually mean? Well, we’re owned 100% by the Thankyou Charitable Trust, which as a vision to see a world where not one person lives in extreme poverty. All of the money it gets (excluding bank and filing fees) is committed to exponentially amplifying the impact of our partners serving the world’s poor. To achieve that purpose, instead of asking the public to donate money to the Trust, we started a company - which sells consumer products and has one goal: make as much money as it can for its ultimate shareholder, The Thankyou Charitable Trust. This is why we say our products are ‘all-for’ our purpose.

Our collective impact

To date, with your help, we’ve been able to give over $18M AUD to the real heroes of this story, our impact partners, who dedicate their lives to eradicating extreme poverty.

Together, we’ve backed some of the world’s most innovative change-makers. Some of the change makers are working at lifting people up from ultra-poverty through innovative economic models now being studied by Oxford University and other institutions around the world. Others are tackling macro-level system change, because if the systems don’t change, poverty never will. Others are tackling mental health problems in pioneering approaches to help those within the poverty cycle. Others are backing local entrepreneurs, because sometimes the smallest ideas can grow and make the biggest change.

You can read more about our epic impact partners here.

Get your loved ones a Christmas gift with purpose that they not only enjoy adding to their everyday personal care or home cleaning routine, but that will also lead to positive impact globally.

Thankyou's Gift Guide

Did someone say perfect present? Yep, we did! Give a gift with purpose this Christmas that is good for you, humanity, and the planet. All Thankyou home cleaning and personal care products, including deodorant, are part of refill systems intended to promote circularity.

Gift Bundles: Personal Care & Home Cleaning

Stuck for the perfect Kris Kringle gift idea? Bundle our bestselling personal care products, like our sleek, reusable, yours forever Forever Bottle, with Hand & Body Wash refills, made to protect and nourish your skin whilst also being gentle on our planet for the perfect, thoughtful Kris Kringle Gift for under $35. This gift bundle is the perfect option for a Kris Kringle with family or friends. You can choose to either get your giftee the white or black reusable Forever Bottle, and to show them you’ve gone the extra mile, choose a scent that would suit their home – from a range of Botanical fragrances like Sweet Orange & Almond, Geranium Rose & Wood, Lemon Myrtle & Oat Milk or even our Fragrance Free option; there really is something for everyone!

Gifting personal care items such as Thankyou’s reimagined Hand and Body Wash products is a great way to get your giftee a gift they are sure to use and enjoy.  If you want to show them even more love and appreciation this year by getting them a bigger gift, our All-in Home & Body Kit is destined to be their new favourite personal care and home cleaning addition. The All-in Home & Body kit comes with the impressive 100% Natural Cleaner Universal Cleaner, which is a hospital grade disinfectant, and to ensure you give a well-thought-out gift, the bundle also includes home cleaning essentials such as our 4-in-1 Squeegee, perfect for cleaning windows and a variety of other surfaces.

Find a gift for everyone on your (nice) list this festive season. A win for you and a win for humanity.


Join us.