Back to School Home Essentials

Words by Thankyou
28 February, 2024

Welcome back to the busy schedules of school and university life. As university and school routines resume and the flurry of activities picks up pace, it's essential to equip yourself and your family with the right tools to keep your home and personal care routines in top shape. At Thankyou, we understand the importance of cleanliness, sustainability, and convenience, especially during this back-to-school season. Our reimagined range of home and personal care essential products is designed to make your transition smoother than ever.

Peace of Mind with Personal Care

At Thankyou, we have reimagined personal care to provide you with world-class products that clean, protect, and nourish your skin. Our Hand & Body Wash collection ensures maximum effectiveness and sustainability, while being gentle to the skin. Thankyou’s Hand and Body Wash products are vegan, and our range offers Fragrance Free options for gentle skin care. Refresh your home as you step into the new university and school year with personal care essentials that not only give you peace of mind as you stay clean but are also sustainable with our refillable pump Forever Bottle options that are made from 100% recycled aluminium to ensure sustainability is at the forefront of your daily routine.

Hand Sanitiser for On the Go Hygiene

Looking for on-the-go hygiene? For something to throw in your university or school bag? Our award-winning Botanical Grapefruit Hand Sanitiser is here to save the day, offering the same commitment to impact in convenient sizes perfect for your backpack or pocket. Choose from our 50mL or 500mL options, both made using recyclable materials, because sustainability matters, wherever you go.

Home Cleaning, Simplified

Keeping your home clean and free from harmful bacteria is paramount, especially during the school season. Our Universal Cleaner is a game-changer, offering a 100% natural solution that doubles as a hospital grade disinfectant. With its breakthrough formula derived from the fermentation of approved natural ingredients, you can trust Thankyou to deliver a cleaner and safer environment for your family.

Need different strengths for different tasks? Our Universal Cleaner can be diluted to suit your needs, from household antibacterial cleaning to tackling floors and windows. Plus, at just $0.13 per 100mL, it's one of Australia's most affordable and eco-conscious cleaning solutions.

Cleaning Tools for a Germ-Free Home

Want to make cleaning simple this back-to-school season? We've got you covered with our cleaning tools. Our 4-in-1 Squeegee is specially designed to pair perfectly with our Universal Cleaner for streak-free glass surfaces. And our Microfibre Cloths, made from 90% recycled plastic, feature a textured scrubbing corner ideal for tackling tougher patches, ensuring every surface in your home gleams with cleanliness.

As you gear up for the back-to-school season, trust Thankyou to provide you with the essential home and personal care products you need. From hand sanitiser for on-the-go freshness to sustainable cleaning solutions, we've got everything you need to start the school year right. Here's to a clean, fresh, and sustainable start!