Developing the Thankyou Forever Bottle With Our (Hero!) Partners

Words by Thankyou
05 April, 2024

Designing No Ordinary Bottle With Our Partners:

Marx Design & Per Capita

Thankyou’s Forever Bottle Range - Refillable Bottles for Hand & Body Wash

When people ask us what the best part about building a sustainable brand and creating products is, without a doubt, one of our top responses would be – the fact you get to make stuff you wish existed for your own house! Stuff you actually want to use (and look at!) every day.

When it came to project: ‘Thankyou reimagined’ AKA, developing and designing our latest personal care products and home cleaning range, we were after the most stare-worthy, functional, sustainable and timeless designs you could dream of! We’re talking about eco-friendly products you’re proud to display in your home, a little home decor statement in their own right.

To hit the brief, it really was a no-brainer to enlist the help of the best of the best, award-winning heroes, legends in the design space, the absolute GOAT creative geniuses (okay, you get the picture, but they thoroughly deserve the long-winded intro’s!); Marx Design from New Zealand, and Australian-based agency PerCapita Studio.

The Design Journey for the Forever Bottle

Ryan Marx, from Marx Design, spearheaded the design process, and when we asked him to give the juicy details of his creative genius, he explained that the approach was to learn from the past, with intensive research into iconic design from as far back as the 1930s through to the current day, defining what makes an iconic form embedded with a core idea. There were a lot of iterations and back and forth with the Thankyou team to find the perfect balance and create a design-led form embodying the Thankyou essence. The team minimised elements as much as possible by focusing on materials over colour, ensuring the design would remain timeless and functional. Every detail, from the pump to the typography, was meticulously integrated and scrutinised. Each conscious choice represents a step towards sustainability.

Developing Thankyou’s Forever Bottle Range - Refillable Bottles for Hand & Body Wash

It’s all in the ✨details✨

If you’re at all familiar with Thankyou, you’ll know that we think very deeply about most things, and when it came to reimagining our packaging and curating our latest Thankyou products, this was no exception – and the magic is all within the details!

Carefully crafted, the Thankyou personal care and cleaning forever bottles are led with design, innovation and sustainability, redefining the way we experience eco-friendly products in our own homes. The 100% recycled product packaging embodies being different from the crowd, in the sea of amber bottles and same-same home product designs – if you look closely, you’ll notice every detail has been purposefully curated and placed to remind consumers we’re different. 

Thankyou’s Forever Glass Bottle with The Imperfect Circle - Refillable Bottle for Hand & Body Wash

The Imperfect Circle

Encompassing a Thankyou brand truth, you’ll find “The Imperfect Circle” on each of the personal care products and cleaning products. This brand mark is embossed and pictured on each forever bottle, a purposeful imprint that challenges the notion of perfection. In fact, the imperfect circle is there to represent who we are at Thankyou, and why we exist, (and, why we would even try to offer another solution in a product world where we are already spoiled for choice!).

It’s explained by a simple story on the bottle reading “The imperfect circle: A small imperfection that represents an important idea – humanity. We are imperfect. Thankyou is committed to making the best of our cumulative imperfection. Our world faces some pretty huge challenges, but the smallest of stones thrown can bring down the biggest of giants. Together, we are throwing that stone. Thankyou brings consumers a choice to help take down one giant; extreme poverty.

A little nod to embracing the notion that Thankyou consumers can play a part in a bigger story, by making the simple switch from their usual, everyday personal care and home cleaning products, to choosing Thankyou and creating a real change alongside us.

It’s deep, right!? But honestly, we think the world needs deep.

Thankyou’s Forever Bottle featuring The Bespoke Hand Pump - Refillable Bottles for Hand & Body Wash

The Forever Bottle Bespoke Hand-pump

Another feature that sets the design of Thankyou’s product packaging apart from the rest, is the hand-pump (like, when we say we go deep on the details, we weren’t joking!). The hand-pump reads our brand’s mission: ‘All for the end of extreme poverty’ to remind us of the change we’re creating together every time we go to the sink.

While it looks beautiful, its usability has also been thoughtfully curated. Jon Liow from PerCapita Studio says that every iteration of the bottles, and more especially the final design, kept the user experience front of mind. “The touch pump of the assembly offers a large, ergonomic contact point for easy dispersion, while the sleek and classic form of the body provides heft and stability at the base. Every dimension, angle, radius, and impression has been fine-tuned and engineered to provide a refined consumer experience, whilst the material grade and surfaces have been thoughtfully finished to offer a premium feel and elevate the product interface in a tangible way.”

The Finished Forever Bottle Design

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so without wanting to harp on any longer (you know we could!) about how proud we are of the finished products; we’ll let you try them for yourselves, and leave you with these pieces of eye-candy for your Pinterest boards…

Thankyou’s Black, Aluminium Forever Bottle - Reusable Hand Wash Bottle

— Words by Thankyou