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The Inside Collection

For every brand tee you’ve ever bought, you’d find the logo and design on the outside. The Inside Collection breaks this convention.  [more] This tee isn’t designed for everyone on the outside, we designed it on the inside — for you and for an idea more important than just another branding opportunity. 


Outland Denim x Thankyou

We asked Outland Denim to make The Inside. Almost anyone can make a T-shirt. But we asked our friends at Outland Denim because they’ve spent over a decade working on their “inside.” They’ve got an A+ rating in the 2019 Ethical Fashion Report and a relentless pursuit towards sustainability. They use organic cotton and zero harmful chemicals. Their Cambodian wash and finishing facilities are water-wise and use less energy. They’re also committed to zero exploitation, fair wages, and empowering humans through their social business model that exists to help vulnerable people into jobs.

The Inside Collection


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