We started a food revolution

We launched into food with a simple idea. Feeding the world. With a remarkable team of makers and food lovers including Master Chef’s Callum Hann, we created a range of breakfast products, muesli (granola) bars and oats products, over 17 products in total. The launch was very successful, and people loved them. These products funded more than 21 million days of food aid and life-changing long term food programs. And then, to everyone’s surprise, we walked away from food.

Callum Hann @2X

We ended it

It was one of the toughest calls we’ve ever made. We pulled out of the food category because what started out being a great range over time became a good one, and good isn’t good enough. We had two paths forward, go all-in for food innovation or make the tough call to leave the category and come back one day when we could truly change the game.

We’d discovered that ‘anything was possible but not everything’. After entering the highly contested Baby category, we found ourselves fighting competitor fires on every front in Body Care, Food, Water and Baby. We made the call to pull out of Food to focus on our Baby range.

Read more about it here: Better Before Bigger

You could start it again

This is a callout to the food makers, flavour creators and taste innovators.

Thankyou food was a huge success when it launched but one of the greatest challenges we realised we faced at Thankyou is that we didn’t wake up every day, like our competitors did, obsessing about how to keep making the best food products. We went from a huge launch success to a good range, but not great. Our headspace was split between four categories, not to mention our impact work.

This is where The Thankyou Licence changes everything. In our old business model ‘everything’ wasn’t possible. But today it is because we’re no longer planning to go it alone. Thankyou multiplied by the right food partner could equal a game-changing range that sparks a food revolution. Thankyou has global momentum and ability to launch bold ideas. Together with your 24/7 obsession with food, it’s a match made in food heaven.

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