The challenge

For three years we were knocked back by every national retailer to stock Thankyou’s first product. They said we didn’t have the million-dollar investments to compete with the bigger brands, and they were right. We didn’t have the money. But we did have people.

The campaign

We picked 7-Eleven Australia and booked another meeting with them. Two weeks before that meeting, we launched a video and asked people to post directly onto the 7-Eleven Australia Facebook page.

The actions

Thousands posted, people uploaded videos singing, dancing, rapping and media covered the campaign.

The results

7-Eleven were overwhelmed by the support and said yes. Thankyou hit the shelves within one month and went on to hit number one, battling it out over the following years between number one and two. With millions of dollars raised for water projects from 7-Eleven sales, we discovered Thankyou’s secret sauce. People.

Media coverage