Coles & Woolworths


The challenge

The vision for Thankyou was never a single product. We always saw the brand as one day being many products in many categories. We spent two years developing our food and personal care range. But we had a problem. Australia’s two biggest supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths, who have 70% market share had said no to Thankyou for our first five years.

The campaign

We booked a meeting with both of them, two weeks after sharing this video calling on people to show their support.

The actions

Thousands of amazing people posted directly to Coles and Woolworths – again people used what was in their hand, their influence, to petition the duopoly.

Peter and Geoff volunteered to fly these helicopters over the Coles and Woolworths head office for half an hour.

The results

They said yes! Five hours after the meeting with Coles, and three hours after meeting Woolworths they both agreed to stock Thankyou. One month later the product started rolling out onto shelves. This became one of the fastest new product launches in Australian history. Today, Thankyou has the number 1 selling Hand wash product in its category and is the number 1 Australian-owned personal care brand in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.

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