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The real reason why ‘My Next Chapter’ is so important to us is because this particular book isn’t about us, it’s about you.

My Next Chapter is a journal with blank pages ready for your ideas, goals, and dreams to be put to paper. At the beginning, you’ll notice there is a messy but important picture on one of the pages. This picture is a copy of a sketch from our co-founder, Daniel’s, notebook from 2016 with some of the plans for the Chapter One warehouse launch. It’s a powerful picture because what was once just a drawing is now an idea that, in the first 28 days, we sold over 55,000 books, raised $1.44M and were second only to the Harry Potter launch week in airport bookstores across Australia.

The image sits at the start of ‘My Next Chapter’ to serve as a reminder to you (and to us) that the ideas we have if we push past the challenges and the fear, can become a reality.

All of our next chapters hang in the balance of our ability to put pen to paper and decide to chase the dreams and plans we write on it.

To some, ‘My Next Chapter’ might be a little basic. To us, it’s the beginning of possibility.

All the best on your next chapter.