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Mamas, while we've created Thankyou baby products for your bub, we've also got a little something just for you. Introducing Wonderful Mama, a Thankyou community. It's an online magazine with down-to-earth, relevant content covering lifestyle, health, fitness, fashion and parenthood; a community to celebrate, inspire, encourage and empower women... are you feeling the love already?

What's really awesome is that 100% of the profits generated from partnerships and advertising on Wonderful Mama help get child and maternal health programs to families in need. It's a win-win!


Why Baby?

Every 90 seconds a mother dies in childbirth, with 99% of these deaths happening in developing nations. Globally, 2.9 million babies don’t make it through their first month of life because they don’t have access to basic health care.

We reckon that’s pretty messed up. That’s why every Thankyou nappy box and baby care bottle helps get health services like immunisation programs and medical supplies to mums and bubs in need.

We’ve helped fund child and maternal health services for 77,314 people just in the first 8 months of launching our baby range (as of February 2017) and that number keeps growing every day. So thank you.

The Impact

Our impact on maternal and child health

as of February 2017

2 countries
4 community
4 solutions
77,314 people
Thankyou ™


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