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Children’s Ground

An Australian community of equity and dignity that celebrates First Nations peoples, culture and a shared future

Children’s Ground
Est. since
Location of HQ
2/10 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, VIC, 3067, Australia
Partnership date with Thankyou
May 2020
Area of focus
Learning, Health, Economic Development, Community Development, Cultural Development

Children’s Ground is working towards a world where all children and families live with dignity and are free from economic poverty and inequity. They want to see First Nations children and families have agency over their social, cultural, political and economic future. Children’s Ground is working to create a new future for children, filled with promise, justice, hope, and empowerment by partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

Their 25-year ‘Learning, Wellbeing and Development’ approach centres on the wellbeing of every child in each community where they work. It focuses on integrating cultural knowledge with international leading practices to enable optimal learning, wellbeing, and development for each person in the community.

Led by Aboriginal communities, the approach focuses on the next generation and their families, delivering early years learning that promotes First Nations language and culture. This is integrated with a focus on other key areas such as; health promotion, job creation, prioritising local governance, and celebrating community and culture.

Children’s Ground’s unique approach proves what can be achieved when programs and systems are designed alongside the people it serves. The team at Children’s Ground is passionate about advocating for systems change for First Nations people while promoting national reform for policy and practice in a range of different areas.

Serving approximately 800 people per year, Children’s Ground is working to see First Nations children live a life free from trauma and suffering; one where they can enjoy equity and safety, and grow into adulthood feeling happy and able to enjoy their identity, health, and wellbeing.

Type of grant funding given

Core impact goals

See children thriving

Children’s Ground hopes to see the children they serve engaged in a life, brimming with laughter, pride, confidence, and opportunities.

Help families feel strong and supported

Children’s Ground aims to help families feel strong, supported and confident about their children’s future. The goal is to help families to feel valued and involved in their children’s learning, wellbeing and development.

Create a safe environment for every child

Another goal for Children’s Ground is to see communities enjoy economic, cultural and social strength, and opportunity. The approach is to see communities care for each other and provide a safe environment for every child.

Impact milestones

Children’s Ground aims to reach the following impact milestones over the course of Thankyou’s grant period (12 months):

1. Through Children’s Ground’s integrated service delivery, they aim to see 850 children and families engaged in early learning, family health, economic development, community development and cultural development and wellbeing

2. Provide Early Years and Primary Years Learning that integrates First Language and Culture with Western learning priorities delivered in 8 First Nations communities across 2 regions in the Northern Territory

3. Have First Language and Culture revitalised and strengthened as assessed by Elders and community leaders

4. Have over 60 First Nations people employed through Children’s Ground’s flexible no-barriers approach to employment

5. See local governance and leadership privileged, promoted and celebrated through Elders’ leadership, direction and community voice

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