Choose your bottle, choose your price

We’ve just released this sleek, aesthetic, refillable glass collection, and for a limited time only*, you can pay whatever you want for it!


Say hello to our most premium product…ever! 

Glass Forever Bottles, are now available for Personal Care, Cleaning and Deodorant. But we’ve launched these products with a twist. For our launch exclusive, the price is in your hands.

At Thankyou, we often talk about small steps, like choosing a Thankyou product, can lead to big change, like giving $18.1M towards our incredible partners, who are working to end extreme poverty. For whatever price you are able to pay, thank you for your continued support of our mission.


Choose your favourite Glass Forever Bottles (all of them, duh!), and for one week only, you decide the price.

The products' RRPs vary from $17.95 for Deodorant to $29.95 for Personal Care and Home Cleaning, but, for a limited time only, we’re making the entire glass range available at a pay-what-you-can price, plus shipping. Yep, you have the power to choose which products you want AND how much you’ll pay for them!*


Elevate your home

The Glass Collection of Forever Bottles are our most premium products, ever. We wanted to create a premium, sleek, aesthetic range for consumers looking for an affordable option.

These Glass Forever Bottles have been designed in collaboration with leading industrial and creatives where a unique bottle mould was used to create a design that subtly stands out from the rest. The Forever Bottle design, complemented by our Refill Systems, was driven by sustainability and promoting circularity, with the beginning of the design process centered around the end of life of the product.

Our Forever Bottles, paired with our refill system are designed to promote circularity.

Our refill bottles have been designed with high-value, recyclable natural HDPE. More recycling means less waste and a healthier planet. These Forever Bottles are made from glass, they’re also recyclable, but given they’re designed to be yours FOREVER, it doesn’t really matter.

*T&C’s apply.