100% Natural Cleaner. Hospital-grade disinfectant. An industry breakthrough formula.

How to use Australia’s breakthrough cleaner.

Hospital-grade disinfectant

Spray undiluted Universal Cleaner and wipe with a damp Microfibre Cloth. Follow with a wipe-over with a dry Microfibre Cloth.

Household-grade disinfectant
Universal Cleaner to Water

Dilute 1 part Universal Cleaner to 3 parts water. For a 500mL bottle that’s 125ml cleaner then fill to the top with water. 

Antibacterial floor & window cleaner 

Dilute 1 part Universal Cleaner to 9 parts water. For a 500mL bottle, that's 50mL cleaner, or to make a 1L bucket of floor cleaner, that's 100mL of cleaner then fill to the top with water. 

Life hack: For the hands-down easiest and most addictive window clean, use a 4-in-1 Squeegee.

Universal Cleaner
Dilution revolution – Australia’s most affordable cleaner
Choose your strength

  • 1:0 Hospital-grade disinfectant

  • 1:3 Household-grade disinfectant

  • 1:9 Antibacterial-floor & window cleaner

Thankyou 500ML recycled plastic or aluminium bottle:

  • 1:3 125ml Universal Cleaner to 375ml water
    1:9 50ml Universal Cleaner to 450ml water 

Thankyou 400MLglass bottle:

  • Fill with Universal Cleaner up to the fill line (1:3 or 1:9) and fill the rest with water. 
How to use this cleaning wizardry:
4-in-1 Squeegee

After a quick fix? 

Fill 1 part Universal Cleaner, 9 parts water (fill line marked on Squeegee). Then simply spray and wipe.

Like us and have a few bits of grease or extra tough stains on your windows? We’ve got you covered. 

Use a Microfibre Cloth first to remove tough stains, followed by your Squeegee.

Got all-the-windows to clean? 

Clip your Squeegee into the holder to transform it into your new cleaning companion for easy window cleaning. 

The sponge gets the tough stains and the squidge leaves you with a streak-free clean. 

How to set up your new (best!) friend:

  1. Attach spray bottle to your squeegee head and turn counterclockwise
  2. Add your extension pole, align the hole on the base of the pole with the hole on the Squeegee head and slide into place.
    Quick tip: Your spray bottle should be facing the opposite direction of the cleaning pad to securely click into place. Squeeze the spray bottle trigger in the direction of the surface you’re trying to clean.
  3. At the base of the extension pole, you’ll find a rotation lock. Pull this down, and rotating left or right, and push the lock up into place to secure the position.
    Quick tip: Clockwise rotation will expand your expansion pole, and when in place, a quick turn anticlockwise will lock it into place. Repeat this process, but push into a standard position to return to standard size. 
  4. Finished cleaning? Go you! To remove your spray bottle trigger, you’ll find a spray bottle lock. Pull the lock towards the spray bottle, whilst pulling the spray bottle up and out to remove.
The (im)perfect launch.

Hey friends, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has bought our cleaner so far. It's our first product in the cleaning category, and you've taken a chance on us – we don't take that lightly! While the reviews on our Universal Cleaner have been overwhelmingly positive, we have sadly received the bad news that a few of the caps on our first production run of our Universal Cleaner have a slight leak. The good news, however, is that not all products have been affected, and we've worked quickly to change the cap for every production run going forward.

If this is you, and you're having trouble with your cap, we'd recommend watching our instructional video here to help you with the how-to of using our Universal Cleaner cap. And, if you're still having issues with your cap, email us at hello@thankyou.co, and we'll replace your Universal Cleaner with a new one, for free - no cap.