Does Thankyou really commit 100% of profit to fund vulnerable communities around the world? Where does the money actually go? These are really valid questions that we get asked all the time.

This is why we've invested hours upon hours into a transparency tool called Track Your Impact.

Earlier this month, we unveiled a massive update to the Track Your Impact system and how we fund partners to empower them to better plan for achieving long-term, sustainable impact.

It's more than a shiny new interface as we’ve put in a lot of effort to ensure that we place users and the communities we serve at the heart of the design.

We've built in some features to help YOU stay up-to-date with YOUR impact and go along the journey from the moment you pick up a Thankyou product to project completion.

We’ve put together a short guide to walk you through the new Track Your Impact and how you can use it to discover more about how your support helps all of us get one step closer to a world without poverty.

Step 1: Your journey begins with a Tracker ID

Track-Your-Impact-Homepage.jpg#asset:3860This is the new Track Your Impact homepage which gives you a brief overview of the Track Your Impact journey.

It still works the same. You enter your one of a kind tracker ID that's found on every Thankyou product to begin tracking.

This is important!

As we're moving to a different funding model, it can take up to 17 months to see the GPS coordinates of the project you’ve helped to fund, depending on the timing of your product purchase and when you track.

If that's the case, don't sweat as there's still plenty to do if a project hasn't been assigned to the code just yet.

Step 2: Learn about the people that we empower

Track-Your-Impact-2019.jpg#asset:3869For products which haven’t been assigned to a specific project, you will still get an idea of the type of impact that your purchase will be making  based on some of our previous projects.

For example, all baby care products and nappies will fund child and maternal health projects to empower mums and bubs in need. 

Another important note

Your code hasn’t been assigned to a project yet?

Sign up for an Impact Profile(It’s worth it!)

This not only helps you save all your Tracker IDs in one handy location, it’ll also make sure you receive an email notification when your product is assigned to a specific impact project.

Pinky promise there will be no annoying emails!

In the meantime?

Read the inspiring story of people like Parbati who has done so much in the village of Durchim in Nepal to provide a safe environment for expecting mums and new bubs.

Step 3: Travel the world... (virtually)

Track-Your-Impact-Map.jpg#asset:3863Clicking Explore Impact Map gives you an awesome world-spanning view of all the projects that we are funding and have funded on a global scale.

How does it work?

Well, it’s like Google Maps, where you can zoom in to different countries, right down to the exact GPS coordinates of projects, villages and communities that are being impacted. Pretty cool, hey?

You can hop from continent to continent, country to country and even village to village to discover all the communities that have been impacted from people choosing Thankyou!

We get real

You can learn about the challenges of having to walk miles upon miles just to access water and how improved access to water is empowering communities to have more time to spend on income-generating activities. All from your mobile phone or computer!

Want to see the specifics?

In the top right corner of the Impact Map, you can also filter projects so you only see the specific projects you have tracked. Food, Child & Maternal Health or Water, Sanitation & Hygiene projects.

Track-Your-Impact-Map-Pin.jpg#asset:3861Clicking on a location pin reveals plenty of info about the project, such as GPS coordinates and challenges that communities face along with the solutions that we’re funding together to help empower local communities.

Thanks to the magical powers of Google Maps and Google Earth, you can  zoom in and get an actual look at the landscapes surrounding these projects.

You won't believe how remote some of these areas are until you see it with your own eyes!

Step 4: Get it together!

Track-Your-Impact-User-Profile.jpg#asset:3866In your Impact Profile, check out all sorts of helpful graphs… AKA super-organised ways to view all the Thankyou products that you’re currently tracking.

This is your central hub for all things Track Your Impact. By signing up for an Impact Profile with your email address or a Facebook profile, you can then receive updates when your Thankyou product has been assigned to a project and when the project is completed.

Based on your purchase history and codes that you've tracked, you can get an idea of the kind of impact that you're creating over time.

Just a low key cute idea: Create a profile for your little world changer, track with all your nappy / wipe / baby care products and see the impact that nappy season is having!

Track-Your-Impact-Tracker-ID.jpg#asset:3864In your profile, when you track a Tracker ID, it will fall into two categories: Assigned Tracker IDs or Unassigned Tracker IDs.

Assigned Tracker IDs are for products which have already been assigned to active or completed projects.

Track-Your-Impact-Map-Vanuatu.jpg#asset:3862You can click through and virtually teleport to these communities and discover more about what solutions are being deployed to empower these communities.

Track-Your-Impact-Unassigned-Tracker-ID.jpg#asset:3865For Tracker IDs that have not yet been assigned to a project, you will be able to see a list of them here and learn about what type of projects they will eventually fund. 

Look out for updates in your inbox, as we will send you notifications when projects have been assigned, or when we receive stories from the field.

Impact.jpg#asset:1360At its heart, the new Track Your Impact system is now better equipped to connect you to the impact that is being made possible purely because of your purchase and support.

What most people don't realise is that Track Your Impact gives you nearly the same level of reporting as if you were a multi-million dollar philanthropist - all because we want to honour and celebrate humanity's impact together.  

Every time you purchase a Thankyou product, head on to Track Your Impact, and enter your unique Tracker IDs to your user profile. 

Your every day purchase of a bottle of hand wash or nappies might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but through technology, and the incredible work of our impact partners, we hope to be able to connect you closer to the lives that you're changing just by choosing Thankyou. 

As this is all fairly new and shiny, we’d love to know your thoughts on the new Track Your Impact system and any feedback that you may have on how it looks and works. 

We've whipped up a short survey for you to share your thoughts on the new Track Your Impact System - your feedback would be heaps useful for us to improve what we do!


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