It's finally here! After many months, many versions and many coffees consumed by our team, we’re ready to share our new look Thankyou personal care range. We've created a look that shows the evolution of our design while still giving you #bathroomgoals. And under the skin, it’s still our same life-changing product.

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So why the change? Well first, let us take you back to where it all started. It was 2013 when we came up with our game-changing idea to launch a premium hand wash that would exist to fund safe water and toilets for people in need. But when we shared this idea, we were met with blank stares. Not everyone got our vision to offer a premium product at an everyday price. Still, we became the first hand wash with botanical fragrances and a design more likely to be found in a boutique over supermarkets. Not long after, it became our fastest growing product and allowed us to expand our personal care range into a coffee scrub, sanitisers, washes and lotions. And the best part is, while we’ve been making homes look good, together we’ve funded safe water and toilets for 556,300 people in need.

But a lot has changed since 2013 and we've learnt a lot too. We know that in order for us to grow, we need to keep revisiting and refining the way things are done, so we thought it was only right that our products reflect this too.

We started our reno journey like any other - with research (and lots of it). We looked at how the market had changed over the last five years and how we could continue to stand out on shelf. But most importantly, we wanted to hear from the people who helped us get on shelf, and stay there, by backing our products - our customers.

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We know a reno is a big undertaking so we partnered with Marx Design, a creative design studio renowned in the consumer goods industry for their award winning packaging. We worked closely with Marx to bring our ideas to life and then (not so easily) narrow down our concepts for testing. For balanced feedback, we shared our designs with Thankyou, and non-Thankyou shoppers, and gained some really important insights.

We learnt that our bold fonts and colours were an important feature for recognising our product on shelf, so you’ll still find these front and centre in our design. We also saw an opportunity to bring our impact and product quality features to the front of our packaging to help keep us eye catching on shelf.

So after a few more months, a few more revisions and some more of that coffee we had the first delivery of our new look products in the office. 

Lucy, our renovation creative lead (and Creative Design Manager) described them as “an evolution of Thankyou’s bold design aesthetic - it’s innovative while still being familiar.”

While Kirk, our Growth Builder (aka Partnerships Manager) describes them as “heaps good.”

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And now, we finally get to share these with you! Our new-look will be rolling out on shelves now at Coles, Woolworths, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and our Thankyou online store over the next few weeks and months.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

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