Making the leap from nappies to nappy pants, to eventually underwear is a big milestone for children and parents. Some make the transition quite easily, others are in no hurry to move on.

Thankyou’s new nappy pants are a welcome addition to the Thankyou baby range.  Super absorbent and stretchy, very soft and with a slim fit for little bottoms, you can hardly see they’re wearing them at all.

Plus, every box of Thankyou nappies helps fund safe births or healthcare for mums and bubs in need.

Not sure if your little one is ready for nappy pants? Here are five ways to tell:


Active Kids

Once your little one is on the move, either as a fast crawler or a walker, quick and easy nappy changes are a necessity.

Nappy pants are easily changed standing up, so you don’t need your child to lay down or get on the change table each. If it’s only a wet one you can change them wherever they are by just ripping the sides of the waistband – you don’t even need to take off their pants. Then they can happily go back to playing without any fuss or tears!



All kids get to a certain age where they just refuse to stay still long enough to have their nappy changed. Plenty of us have had those days where we’ve had to chase our toddler around the house when it’s time for a clean nappy! And when you finally get them to lay down, they roll over or kick their legs up at you.

I’m no psychologist, but as any mum will tell you, most of the time it’s not about having their nappy changed at all, but about exerting their power and making their own choices. They don’t want to do what they don’t want to do. Simple. It’s normal, and every child goes through that stage around the 2-3 years mark.

Frustrating as it can be, there is really no point struggling with them every time they need their bottom changed – it’s time for nappy pants!

Transition to Toilet Training

Wearing nappy pants can help with the transition to toilet training. For many children, using the toilet or potty for the first time can be a cause of anxiety and fear. Before making the big step to wearing underwear, nappy pants can help prepare them for the next stage.

For us, the benefits for our toddler wearing nappy pants in preparing for toilet training have been psychological. Nappies are for ‘babies’. Nappy pants are not nappies, they’re pants, so to a 2 or 3-year-old that’s a big deal. Wearing nappy pants instead of nappies makes them feel like they’re no longer a baby, and they’re almost a ‘big girl/boy’, ready to start toilet training.


Toilet Training

Nappy pants are a must-have when your child is learning to use the toilet. Known as ‘potty training’ or ‘toilet training’, swapping nappies for pants first can help relieve any anxiety.

Nappy pants help your child learn to pull them down when they need to go to the toilet and pull them up again when they’re finished – just like underwear. Getting used to this simple action can help a lot when learning to use the toilet or potty.

Thankyou nappy pants have a wetness indicator too, which can help you get an idea of how often they need to go during the day, or if it needs changing.


Night Toilet Training

Even if your child is toilet trained, it can take much longer for them to learn to use the toilet overnight. For many families, this is a much harder period of a child’s life and is just as testing on the parents as it is on the child.

For some kids, night toilet training can take a few weeks to get the hang of it and they’re fine, having the odd accident now and then. For others it can takes month, or even longer, to learn to wake up to go to the toilet overnight – so nappy pants really are the best option for night-time.

Thankyou nappy pants are really soft so they are comfortable to sleep in overnight. They are extra absorbent as well, so you can be sure there will be no overnight leaks, meaning your little one – and you – will get a better night’s sleep.

The best part? The Thankyou nappy pants are the most affordable nappy pants in Coles supermarkets on a cost-per-nappy basis. And because there’s a handy wetness indicator at the front, you can easily check to see if it needs changing first, meaning you won’t waste nappies by unnecessarily changing them.

Thankyou nappy pants come in two handy sizes, Trailblazer  (13-18kg) and Little Champion (16kg+) and are available at Coles supermarkets and online at


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