As a mama to three girls I calculated that I have changed over 12 thousand nappies day and night in the past few years, and we’re still going! That’s a lot of nappies – and a lot of money. What if simply by using a particular brand you could help babies, pregnant women and mothers in need around the world?

Well, you can!

Every 103 seconds a mother dies in pregnancy and childbirth. Equally as distressing is that 2.7 million babies die within their first month of life, mostly from preventable issues. Overwhelming. And so sad. (WHO, 2015)

Australia’s own amazing and inspiring social enterprise Thankyou, decided these statistics are too unbearable to stand by and do nothing about. This led to the creation of Thankyou’s baby range including nappies, baby care and wipes for babies and infants.

Thankyou’s baby range helps fund child and maternal health programs for families in need, with the goal to ultimately reduce these statistics. Every purchase helps  get funding to train Skilled Birth Attendants, upgrade and build birthing centres and get essential medical supplies to mothers and children in need.

We are lucky in Australia, with access to a great healthcare system, incredible doctors and midwives, and world-class medical facilities. We have the choice to have our babies in a hospital, in a birthing centre, or at home, knowing we are supported by our reliable system and first-rate medical professionals. Most of the time we take these facilities for granted – we don’t realise how lucky we really are.

After using the hand wash and body wash for myself, I was really excited to finally use this new baby care range for my three daughters, which I found to be of excellent quality. I was sent the Thankyou baby care range to test for free so please understand these are my personal opinions of the products that we tested.

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The Baby Shampoo, Baby Bath Wash and Bath Milk products smell amazing, are made from  natural plant-based ingredients and don’t contain any Parabens, artificial fragrances or colourants or anything else nasty you don’t want on your child’s skin or hair.

I love the Nappy Balm; it’s thick and creamy and I find I only have to use a small amount to soothe the nappy area and help to protect it from dryness, nappy rash or eczema. It’s in a convenient tube so you can simply squeeze as much as you need onto your finger without getting it stuck under your fingernails!

The Baby Wipes are bigger and much thicker than most other brands I have used, so most of the time I can clean the nappy area or grubby faces with just one wipe, making them better for your wallet and better for the environment too. There’s 80 in a pack so they really do last a long time.

Baby’s and young children’s skin is five times thinner than adult’s skin and can lose excess water faster than adult’s skin, so they need lots of extra moisture to protect them from dryness, eczema and to help prevent hydration. I found that the Baby Lotion, Ointment and the Mum’s & Bub’s Massage Oil all helped to protect their skin from flaking, lack of moisture and feeling rough.

The Baby Lotion comes in a handy pump bottle you can keep it in your bathroom to apply straight out of the bath to keep their skin soft and moisturised.

The Baby Ointment tube is ideal for throwing in your nappy bag when you’re out and about and you can use it just about anywhere that you or your little one might be feeling dry.

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Every pregnant mama knows how dry and itchy your skin gets when you’re growing a baby, and the Mum’s & Bub’s Massage Oil is great for helping to add moisture to dry skin and prevent stretch marks and itchiness. Just pour a little on your tummy, arms and décolletage to help keep your skin well hydrated.

I find the Baby Shampoo mild and gentle but quite rich, so you only need a coin’s worth to give their hair a good wash; I use this small amount even for my older girls who have longer hair. It’s in a good sized pump bottle which makes it easy to use without going through too much of it!

The Baby Wash smells like a day spa, made with all natural ingredients and without any added Sulphates, Parabens, Palm Oil or synthetic fragrances or colourants. You can even add a little pump to running bath water to make a small bubble bath, making it fun while they get clean at the same time.

The Baby Bath Milk gives their skin that added bit of extra moisture at bath time, leaving their skin smelling clean and soft.

When I think about how many nappies and baby care products I’ve used and continue to use, I am just so grateful Thankyou’s baby range is available. Knowing that the profits from the products I buy go towards helping mums and bubs in need is really satisfying.

Adrienne x

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