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Our spring water is sourced from a careful selection of pristine Australian springs, complete with a natural balance of minerals. The quality of our water stems from the knowledge of local experts, and is made by our 100% Australian-owned manufacturer, a family business with over 20 years experience in the beverage industry.

Why water?

663 million people around the world don’t have access to safe water, yet the global bottled water industry brings in billions of dollars every year. At Thankyou, we realised the latter could form a part of the solution to the former.

Every bottle of Thankyou water helps fund water, sanitation and/or hygiene programs in low-income countries. By choosing Thankyou, you're helping to fund community selected, owned and managed solutions that best respond to communities' needs like water wells, rainwater harvesting systems, filters, gravity-fed water systems, safe toilets and/or hygiene education.

We've helped fund water and sanitation services for 545,360 people (as of February 2017), and that number keeps growing every day. So thank you.

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as of February 2017

17 countries
842 communities
8,461 solutions
545,360 people