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Fill this reusable bottle with Thankyou Universal Cleaner Refills. Our refill system is designed to improve circularity. Not all recycling is equal. Many products are low-value recyclable (or like pouches, not kerbside recyclable), but we've designed our refill bottles with high–value recyclable natural HDPE. More recycling means less waste and a healthier planet. Our White Aluminium Forever Bottle is made from 100% recycled aluminium. It’s also recyclable, but given it's designed to be yours FOREVER, it doesn’t really matter.

Made from 100% recycled aluminium

Refill using Thankyou wash products

Remove the sticker from your sticker pack and place it on your Forever Bottle. Unscrew the pump from your Forever Bottle. Fill up your Forever Bottle using the refill and reattach the pump. 

When you’ve finished with the product inside your Forever Bottle, we recommend washing the inside of the bottle with soap and warm water. Once clean, allow the bottle to dry before refilling.

Store your refill for next time. When you finish it, rinse and recycle the refill bottle. Get a new Thankyou refill and repeat.

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