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Raising The Village

To end ultra poverty in our generation

Raising The Village
Est. since
Location of HQ
720 Bathurst Street, Suite 305 Toronto, ON. M5S 2R4, Canada
Partnership date with Thankyou
September 2020
Area of focus
Livelihoods, Economic Development

Raising The Village believes that ultra poverty (people living on less than $0.45 per day) is the worst form of inequality in our world. They believe we have the opportunity to end ultra poverty by working together to find solutions to complex issues. Their big, ambitious vision is to end ultra poverty in our generation.

Raising The Village works to partner with last-mile, rural communities in Uganda to help them move out of ultra poverty, and towards economic self-sufficiency. They work to identify and remove some of the most pressing barriers keeping villagers from earning more income. Their focus is working closely with vulnerable groups to develop pathways out of extreme poverty within 24 months. They do this by using evidence-based approaches leading to increased incomes, improved livelihood practices, and empowered community members. All of their projects are community driven and locally owned.

Yearly, Raising The Village serves approximately 96,000 people. To date, they have successfully partnered with 270,000 Ugandans living in ultra poverty, which represents a total of 54,000 families. Over the last few years, Raising The Village has seen remarkable impact in the communities they are serving. On average, the Raising The Village model has lifted the income levels of a person living on less than $0.45 to $2.67 per day after 36 months. Furthermore, for every dollar invested into Raising The Village’s model, there is a $9.69 social return for the household.

Many of the village partners they work with have embraced their own entrepreneurial spirit and have since created their own development projects and initiatives. This has resulted in over 300 new programs, businesses, and cooperatives, all launched, owned and operated at the community level.

This simple, affordable, and evidence-based program that Raising The Village have developed is highly scalable and replicable, and has the potential to reach millions of people living in ultra poverty.

Type of grant funding given

Core impact goals

Increase household income

Raising The Village aim to increase the household income of last-mile, subsistence farmers in Western Uganda to $2USD per day, in 24 months.

Increase agricultural crop and livestock production

Raising The Village look to to increase the annual household agricultural production value to $200USD, as well as increase annual agricultural crop and livestock income to $150USD and livestock asset value to $250USD.

Increase capacities of women and youth

Raising The Village has a goal to increase the capacities of women and youth in their partner villages, having them take on community leadership roles and actively participate in household and community decision making. Their goal is to see 40% of women, and 20% of youth, in leadership positions in each community.

Increase income generating activities

Raising The Village aim to increase income generating activities through community driven development initiatives, with the goal of completing two community driven development initiatives within 24 months.

Impact milestones

Raising The Village aims to reach the following impact milestones over the course of Thankyou’s grant period (12 months):

1. Reach 90,000 new beneficiaries in 17,500 families in Western Uganda

2. Expand Raising The Village programs into 2 new districts of Mitooma and Kyenjojo District

3. See 40% of women, and 15% of youth, in leadership positions in each new partner community

4. Increase household incomes of new partner villages to at least $1.25 USD within the first 12 months, and $2 USD per day in 24 months

5. Distribute 35,000 ‘Ready To Eat’ Garden Kits to 200,000 beneficiaries in their COVID response

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