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Nuru International 

Cultivating lasting meaningful choices in the most vulnerable and marginalised communities in the world

Est. since
Location of HQ
2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW Ste #600 Washington DC 20006, United States of America
Partnership date with Thankyou
September 2020
Area of focus
Security and Development, Agriculture, Economic Development, Healthcare, and Market-based Development
Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria

Nuru aims to equip families with the tools and knowledge they need to lift themselves out of extreme poverty, for good. Working with the most vulnerable members of society in rural regions of fragility in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nuru aim to address unique issues within each area they work in. These issues being; episodic hunger, lack of nutrition, financial shocks, as well as preventable disease and death, and any other challenges (such as drought, agrarian pests, and devastation brought about by violent extremist organisations).

Nuru employs a leadership development program designed to restore agency to local leaders and equip them to build and scale poverty-fighting solutions long after the team exit the area. The Nuru model focuses on long term service delivery for all program solutions via farmer-led organisations or cooperatives. After 5-7 years of implementation, Nuru projects become a self-sustaining impact model, owned and operated by empowered local leaders, that then expands to additional regions. The Nuru model improves livelihoods and builds resilience in the communities where Nuru works.

Over their years, Nuru has been able to reduce household vulnerability by increasing crop yields by 98%, and income by 241%. They’ve also seen a 28% reduction in child mortality for farmers and their families in remote, rural areas of Ethiopia and Kenya. Nuru have created local organisations in each country, who have been able to help thousands of households grow and thrive in the wake of crop disease, drought, political instability, and tribal conflict. Amid all of these challenges, Nuru farmers and their local member-owned cooperatives not only cultivate solutions, but also improve social cohesion and trust in the face of instability. Ongoingly, Nuru impacts the lives of 60,000 people each year by working to eradicate poverty and unlock economic potential within fragile communities in the Sahel.

Type of grant funding given

Core impact goals

Increase resilience

Nuru have an aim to increase resilience capacities in vulnerable communities. These will be evaluated by an academic research partner using a resilience capacities index.

Increase crop yield for farmers

Nuru aim to achieve a 32% increase in crop yield for farmers they work with during the 2020 season.

Increase income for farmer households

Nuru aims to achieve a 30% increase in income for farmer households based from Nuru-supported livelihoods activities.

Impact milestones

Nuru aim to reach the following impact milestones over the course of Thankyou’s grant period (12 months):

1. Implement complete sequence of integrated development activities that strengthen rural households ability to cope with a variety of shocks by December 2021. Activities include crop production, animal husbandry, financial inclusion, entrepreneurship and household nutrition

2. Expand enrollment from 500 to 2,500 total farmer households in northeast Nigeria by January 2021

3. Organise farmers into two farmer-owned cooperatives by April 2021

4. Distribute farming inputs (seed and fertiliser) and provide training in best agronomic practices to 2,500 farmers by May 2021 for the June to September 2021 farming season

5. Deliver digital financial services and digital literacy training to 2,500 households, and introduce mobile money and digital wallets comprising of secure, efficient and innovative technology for remote rural areas by December 2021

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