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A world in which no one dies waiting for health care

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3254 19th Street, Second Floor San Francisco, CA 94110, United States of America

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September 2020

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Mali and Côte d'Ivoire


Globally, almost half a billion people lack access to basic health care. In 2019, 5.3 million children died before their fifth birthday, and over 300,000 women did not survive pregnancy or childbirth. To address the delay that drives this injustice, a committed group of Malians and Americans came together and founded Muso. They saw first-hand the health inequity problems that patients faced every day.

Muso works to cure delay by collaborating with governments and communities to identify and map barriers, and as a result, design, test, and deploy community-based health systems. These systems aim to deliver care, with speed, to all patients who need it, when they need it.

In Muso’s Proactive Care model, the role of their Community Health Workers is to actively search for patients door-to-door to connect them to life-saving services early. They provide care in the home, and evacuate the most ill patients to government health centres that have been redesigned to give patients care with no out-of-pocket fees.

Muso currently serves 350,000 patients in Mali, and their Community Health Workers have connected patients to life-saving care through more than 6.5 million home visits over the past decade. Their research shows that Proactive Care communities have achieved a ten-fold increase in access to care, as well as sustaining the lowest child mortality rates in Sub-Saharan Africa.

With the aim to make rapid, universal health care a worldwide story, Muso combines the locally-led Proactive Care delivery with rigorous research, advocacy, and technical assistance. Their approach is tested with academic and government partners. They provide technical support to governments and other implementers who wish to adopt their strategies, and aim to share their results across the global community to advance the common goal of ending child and maternal mortality. Muso strives to carry out their rigorous, evidence-based work with ongoing feedback loops, led by the communities most affected.

Core impact goals

Lives saved

By conducting annual randomised household surveys in peri-urban Mali to assess under-five child mortality, Muso aims to maintain ten-fold reduction in the under-five mortality, compared to the baselines in these communities.

Ultra-rapid access

One of the goals is to treat more than 65% of children under five reached by Muso Community Health Workers in their peri-urban Malian site within 24 hours of symptom onset.


Muso aims to provide rapid, community-based care for 350,000 patients in their model sites across peri-urban and rural Mali.

Type of grant funding given

$500,000* AUD

*12 month unrestricted funded grant (October 2020 - September 2021)

FY2021 impact milestones

Muso aims to reach the following impact milestones over the course of Thankyou’s grant period (12 months). Here’s how they went:

Have 426 Community Health Workers connect 350,000 patients in Mali to care through 415,000 home visits and 25,000 clinic visits per quarter.
Muso’s 424 Community Health Workers (CHW’s) delivered health care to 370,000 patients in Mali, conducting more than 2,000,000 home visits – averaging 537,000 home visits and 41,000 clinic visits per quarter.
Build a new health centre in Muso’s peri-urban Malian site to care for more than 60,000 patients in these rapidly-growing communities.
Together with the Malian government and local community partners, Muso has built the YiriBa Health Center: a new, government-run community health centre in Yirimadio. When it opens its doors in 2021, this state-of-the-art facility will support 60,000 of Yirimadioʼs most vulnerable patients to receive rapid, accessible health care in line with quality standards.
Determine first direct service expansion country and ready capacities across the team to open expansion country offices and accompany a new government partner to transform its national health system.
Muso has determined their first direct service expansion country beyond Mali, and this year, launched a long-term partnership with the government of Côte d'Ivoire. Over the next decade, in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal targets, Muso and the Ivorian government will together pursue rapid, universal access to health care for Côte d'Ivoire's more than 20 million people and an end to the country's maternal and child mortality crises.
Submit the results of the ProCCM Trial for publication in an academic journal. This research study is one of the world’s largest studies in community health and will collect critical evidence on the impact of proactive Community Health Worker case detection on child mortality to inform Malian and global policy and practice.
Muso and their academic partners have cleaned an abundance of data points in the past year, and are now finalising data cleaning, currently on track for completion by the end of 2021. They have experienced delays in data cleaning for this trial as their academic partners aggregated data from multiple sources and managed COVID-19 challenges within their communities. They expect to have preliminary results for the main effects analysis around the end of 2021 and submit the findings for publication in early 2022. Muso anticipates publishing secondary analyses from this massive study for years to come.
Begin to deploy technical assistance and global partnerships to share research findings with policymaking, implementing, funding, and norm-setting partners around the world.
Muso has provided technical assistance to Mali's and Côte d'Ivoire's national health systems and COVID-19 responses. They have also readied to share new study findings with their government partners and other key global actors, offering technical assistance to support partners to use study findings in policy and practice. Planning of dissemination strategies is underway, and their team is building plans to reach three key audiences: research actors, global influencers, and media and general audiences.
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Milestone on-track for completion within specified timeframe, outside of Thankyou’s grant period.
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Milestone <90% completed within grant period.
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