A unicorn in the deodorant category.

Introducing Thankyou’s new category-disrupting 100% natural origin, 48 hour antiperspirant delivered to you in a design-led, sustainable refill system. Impossible, until now.

How to refill your deodorant

48 hour antiperspirant, 100% natural origin.

An innovator’s life’s best work.

A French innovator and product developer, whose work had sold to some of the biggest companies in the world for hundreds of millions of dollars, was on holiday in Australia a few years ago. Every place he stayed at, Thankyou Hand Wash met him. Like us, he became enamoured with the mission. This idea of consumerism that exists all-for good.

His contribution — a deodorant formula that he describes as his ‘life’s best work’.

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Deodorant, Reimagined.