Our vision

We see a world where not one person lives in extreme poverty

Our methodology

Amplifying impactful change-makers, exponentially.

We choose to work with partners who are: tackling complex systems change, not simplistic solutions; who are focused on impact, not activity; and who have a clear endgame. Then we back them in a revolutionary way.


Our partners

The Thankyou Charitable Trust gives grants to our partners, but we call them ‘investment’s’ because we see them as investments in the end of extreme poverty. We approach each decision as a strategic investment decision. You can learn more about our approach in our partner and grant criteria.

To see our giving from 2009-2019, you can view our audited financial statements here.

Hope & impact stories

We are inspired by the work of our partners who have committed their lives to serving the world’s poor. Their stories and the stories of those they serve deserve to be told. Watch Surya’s story: