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We made a web app that lets you see which project your product is helping to fund. You get the exact GPS coordinates of the area being impacted, plus detailed information on the project. It’s pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves.

Track Your Impact How it Works

how projects work

We operate using a project-based model, which means we fund individual projects that meet our criteria instead of automatically giving funds to organisations year after year. The projects we work with are put forward by our amazing impact partners

Our project-based model

Why Baby?

Every 103 seconds a mother dies in childbirth. Globally, 2.7 million babies don’t make it through their first month of life every year because they don’t have access to basic health care.

We reckon that’s pretty messed up. That’s why our baby range helps get life-changing health services like immunisation programs, training of skilled midwives and medical supplies to mums and bubs in need.

Sita, pictured, is part of a remote community in Nepal that now has access to life-changing Child and Maternal Health programs.

We’ve helped fund child and maternal health services for 94,477 people just in the first 8 months of launching our baby range (as of March 2018) and that number keeps growing every day. So thank you.

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why food?

Nearly 795 million people go hungry every day, yet research has shown there is enough food in the world to feed every person one and a half times over. It just needs a little redistribution.

Each pack from the Thankyou food range helps to feed someone in need. This means funding access to immediate food-aid and long-term food solutions through our impact partners.

Christine, pictured, received immediate food aid for her and her family, plus an education in farming that has helped her produce more harvest than ever before.

We’ve helped fund food access for 134,791 people and over 28.7 million days of food (as of March 2018), and that number keeps growing everyday. So thank you.

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Why Water and Body Care?

663 million people around the world don’t have access to safe water and 2.4 billion people have inadequate access to sanitation. This can lead to devastating effects from otherwise preventable diseases. Yet the global bottled water and body care industries bring in billions of dollars every year. At Thankyou, we realised the latter could form a part of the solution to the former.

Every Thankyou water and body care product helps fund water, sanitation and/or hygiene programs in low-income countries. This is because water, hygiene and sanitation go hand in hand. Even if a community has access to safe water, not having soap to wash hands or safe toilets means the community is still at risk of being impacted by waterborne diseases.

Different communities will have different water, sanitation and hygiene needs. By choosing Thankyou, you're helping to fund community selected, owned and managed solutions that best respond to those needs like water wells, rainwater harvesting systems, filters, gravity-fed water systems, safe toilets and hygiene education. This means that Thankyou's funding will be used for solutions most needed by the communities, whether it be a water solution, hygiene solution, sanitation solution or all three.

For Debra (pictured) in Zimbabwe, a new accessible toilet was needed to cater to children with special needs in her school. Debra said the day the new toilet was built was “The happiest day of her life”. With her dignity restored, she feels empowered on her journey to one day becoming a school teacher.

Together we’ve helped fund water and sanitation services for 556,300 people (as of March 2018) and that number keeps growing every day. So thank you.

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