Track Your Impact

Words by Sarah Prescott
27 November, 2012

Today marks a huge milestone for Thankyou Water with the official rollout of Track Your Impact!

Track Your Impact is an Australian-first reporting system that is designed to connect you, the Thankyou Water drinker, with the impact you’ve made through the simple process of buying a bottle of water. Each bottle of Thankyou Water will now sport a unique bottle code on the label and once entered into a custom-designed web app, will provide you detailed information on the exact water project your purchase will fund. The kind of information you’ll receive will include GPS co-ordinates of the project, current issues faced in the respective village and the exact water solution to be provided.

Not only that, but the program lets you share your impact with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

The whole idea behind Track Your Impact is to empower the everyday Australian to understand that they are actually making a difference through their Thankyou Water purchase.

Coded bottles are hitting stores now, so you can start tracking your impact straight away. We’ve made it pretty easy, too – all you need to do is visit on your smartphone or computer and enter the unique code on the label of your bottle into the app. All the information will be provided to you at the click of a button.

For all the updates on the launch, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter.

— Words by Sarah Prescott