A partnership that represents the power of people coming together around an idea, for a purpose that goes beyond themselves. Canopy by Hilton are choosing Thankyou Amenities range to go in guest rooms – to create real change. For good.⁠

New to Thankyou? We’re so glad you found us.

Thankyou is a social enterprise that brings consumers a product choice that exists all-for the end of extreme poverty.

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We are one chapter into a story that we believe will change the course of history. This is a story about people and a simple idea.

An idea born from the duality of our world: extreme poverty and extreme consumerism. An idea that flips the global capitalist model on its head - empowering people who care, to use the money they’re already spending on products, to help end global poverty.

How is it possible? People.

We started in 2008 as a few co-founders and grew into a movement of millions of people taking small steps to create big change. That’s millions of moments, millions of small steps, where people chose to back Thankyou. Moments like the time our community petitioned Australia’s two largest supermarkets to stock Thankyou products (they said yes!). When people like you helped us beat our $1.2million (AUD) fundraising target through a pay-what-you-want book called Chapter One to fund our future growth. Like when we didn’t get stickers on products in time, and 300 legendary people volunteered their time to do it with us. Or like now, this moment that you’ve found us because of the people of Canopy by Hilton who decided to back Thankyou and stock this amenities range in their guest rooms!

History has taught us many things. The power of people, the importance of a bold vision and how individual small actions create huge impact. Everyone’s actions matter. We have faith in the collective good and power of humanity to achieve the impossible.

There are many chapters left to write. Write with us.

Daniel & Justine

Thankyou amenities

The Thankyou sleek, new amenities collection is a plant-based range designed with you, and humanity in mind. The collection provides a full-body experience, with hand wash, body wash, soap, lotion and liquid shampoo and conditioner.

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Amenities Aloe2 Lr @2X
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Thankyou Amenities Cedarwood3 Mobile @2X

The best part? This entire range exists all-for the end of extreme poverty.

Impact story

We are inspired by the work of our partners who have committed their lives to serving the world’s poor. Their stories and the stories of those they serve deserve to be told.