A collaboration for impact

Say hello to your new favourite hand wash.

We collaborated with visual artist, Sarah Kelk to bring you art, impact and all the feels in one hand wash.

This bottle of goodness is made with naturally-derived ingredients and the fresh fragrance of Earl Grey & Clary Sage.

And the best part? Every pump is a step closer to giving someone in places like Bangladesh access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene solutions (WASH).

This fancy pants limited-time only hand wash is available at Coles now.

Meet Sarah Kelk

We’ve been big fans of Sarah Kelk’s art at Thankyou HQ, so when we emailed her and asked if she’d heard about us and she said “Are you serious? I love Thankyou!” - we knew we’d found the perfect match.

Sarah is a true creative, she trusts her intuition and ditches her well planned sketches after the first round leaving pure brilliance!

The limited-time only label design draws from her painting ‘Momentum’, which she named after her favourite chapter in Thankyou’s book Chapter One. The momentum is shown in the layers of her strokes, how each layer makes way for the next and the next. 

The painting was inspired by Thankyou’s funding for WASH programs in Bangladesh and the hope for a future without poverty.


The beauty of creating impact together

In the remote region of Choto Kupot, Bangladesh, we met Momotaz. A proud member of the Women’s Wash Program, she’s been leading her community to adopt safe water, hygiene and sanitation practices since 2010.

For women like Momotaz, these programs are not only providing training or a source of income for women – they empower them to become leaders and change-makers in their community.

“Women of our community have come to a level where we can proudly stand on our feet and communicate with others with our head held high. I hope that we keep moving forward like this and go beyond where we are now.”

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