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Track Your Impact™

Track Your Impact™ is a web app accessible through smartphone or computer that connects you with the impact you make through your Thankyou® purchase and then proves the results.

From the ground up

Creating Track Your Impact™ has been one of the most complex projects we’ve ever completed. Not only from a systems and development perspective, but because the process involved co-operation with so many different parties; everyone from our suppliers to our project partners.

The result? An application that offers a rich user experience and unprecedented end-user reporting. We wanted every Thankyou product user to be as connected to their contribution as possible.

Instant transparency

To explain how it works, each Thankyou® product sports a unique code on the label. Once you enter that code into the web app, the system will provide you detailed information on the specific project your product will fund, including GPS coordinates.

Don't miss a thing

Through your own Track Your Impact™ profile (created automatically once you login through Facebook) you’ll be able to see your accumulated impact over time.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Share Your Impact

Once you’ve “Tracked Your Impact”, you can share the experience with your friends on Facebook or Twitter to help raise awareness (we think that’s much more interesting than pics of your dinner).

From the field

Before we even start funding a particular project, our project partners provide us with a detailed outline of a project.

If the project meets our list of pretty heavy criteria, we’ll commit to funding it. At this point, our in-house projects team assigns each individual product code to a specific project, so you can Track Your Impact™. But it doesn’t stop there.

Six to 12 months after the project is complete, we prove to you that the work’s been done in a personalised report.

How it's done

We’re currently arming our project partners with smartphones and a specially-designed Thankyou® field reporting app. Once the project is complete, our partner’s team visits the project to report on its completion. What’s cool is that the app we provide them automatically detects the location they are in. Once the location is detected, the projects team simply takes a photo of the completed solution. At that moment, a final GPS co-ordinate is automatically generated so that we can be sure it’s a photo of the actual solution we told you was being funded through your product. The photo is then uploaded to Track Your Impact™ for our team to review. Once our team check the info and match it with our partners reporting, we’ll email you your own report.

Our belief

Have we gone to a bit too much effort? Maybe. But gone are the days of helping ‘someone, somewhere’.

We think it’s important for you to see the results first-hand and understand that through switching to Thankyou®, you’ve changed a life.

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Track Your Impact™ in action.
Track Your Impact