Welcome to the World Kit


Bringing a newborn bundle of joy home is one of the most wonderful (yet daunting!) moments in someone’s life. So we think the parents of said bundle deserve to be celebrated with moments of gentle care and a way to document this incredible experience.

Every product in this kit was lovingly chosen to create a beautiful celebration of a new little dreamer. We’ve added in all our fave baby care products in this kit, like our notoriously thick and strong baby wipes, our massage oil (good for mum and baby skin!) and our gentle and soothing baby bath milk. And they are all wrapped up with love in a drawstring bag that’s perfect for any nappy bag.

We’ve also created something extra cute and special (if we do say so ourselves) for this gift. Our Milestones & Memories cards will help your pals collect memories from their bub’s birth to first birthday (and the inevitable moments of chaos in between) and take notes on the reverse of the card, capturing for their bub’s “story of loving you”.


What’s in the kit?
  • Mum’s & Bub’s Massage Oil 125mL
  • Baby Bath Milk 300mL
  • Baby Wipes – 80 pack
  • Botanical Geranium & Rosewood Hand Cream 70mL
  • The Story of Loving You milestones & memories cards
  • Drawstring bag


There's more to this life-changing kit

100% of the profit from this kit goes towards programs that help people lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. So while you’re showing love to someone you know, you’re also changing the life of someone you don’t. That’s pretty special.

On behalf of all the lives you’re changing by choosing Thankyou, thank you!