Home Essentials Kit


Let’s face it — the bathroom isn’t the easiest room in the house to style. But this gift kit instantly elevates any space, transforming the humble bathroom into a porcelain palace.

This chic duo have been lovingly paired together to create beautiful basin moments of nourishing care. The combination of botanical extracts of earthy patchouli and vanilla in our hand wash will cleanse and refresh, while the matching hand lotion can be counted on to leave hands feeling soft and sweetly scented. Whoever you gift this kit to may soon experience an increase in the number of people asking to use their bathroom — it’s truly a sensorial experience.

What’s in the kit?
  • Botanical Patchouli & Vanilla Hand Wash 500mL
  • Botanical Patchouli & Vanilla Hand Lotion 500mL
  • Drawstring bag

There's more to this life-changing kit

100% of the profit from this kit goes towards programs that help people lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. So while you’re showing love to someone you know, you’re also changing the life of someone you don’t. That’s pretty special.

On behalf of all the lives you’re changing by choosing Thankyou, thank you!