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Preemptive Love

Preemptive Love exists to end war

Preemptive Love
Est. since
Location of HQ
1300 Darbyton Drive, Hewitt, TX 76643, United States of America
Partnership date with Thankyou
August 2020
Area of focus
Relief, Employment, Community
Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Venezuela, Mexico, United States of America

Preemptive Love are committed to building a diverse community of peacemakers on the planet, to end war.

Preemptive Love specifically targets vulnerable communities in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Venezuela, Mexico, and the United States of America. Their team aim to deliver fast assistance, showing up on the frontlines to provide food, shelter, and medical relief in areas affected by conflict. Their goal is to work at healing the past by reaching across enemy lines to build relationships and allow communities to learn from each other, reshaping and changing ideas that lead to war. Preemptive Love also works towards creating jobs and building relationships within communities they work with. The goal is that the jobs provide income to those they seek to help, which then reduces the chance of recruitment into violence, and further protects the vulnerable from the risk of war.

Thankyou’s grant will be used to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

The challenging and ever-changing situation in Syria, which began a decade ago, has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and the internal displacement of at least 6.2 million Syrians, while another 5.7 million have fled abroad. Preemptive Love has been working here to help provide relief to displaced persons and refugees in Syria.

As a result of the current conflict, and now the economic crisis, the country is on the verge of famine. Food insecurity is expected to be one of the greatest threats to stability in the country over the next year. As a result, the team at Preemptive Love has a strong focus on providing food relief efforts in the country. This food relief not only sustains life, but also supports family and community amidst the horror of war. Preemptive Love believes that a meal with loved ones, or a taste of something familiar, is more than just nutrition—it’s a moment of peace and a glimpse of home for those fleeing violence. By creating week-long or month-long food packs, Preemptive Love is working to increase the food security for the most vulnerable populations in Syria. These food packs provide life-saving nutrition, and give agency in when and how often a family eats.

In 2019, Preemptive Love provided 25,950 meals to refugees in Iraq, Syria, and Mexico, and relaunched 250 farms for families in Syria. They rebuilt 50 homes for 300 people returning to Aleppo, and provided education and trauma therapy for more than 4,405 Syrian refugee children living in Iraq.

Type of grant funding given

Core impact goals

Increase food security

Preemptive Love aims to increase food security for the most vulnerable populations in Syria. This includes the elderly, those that are differently-abled, and young children.

Creating sustainable agriculture projects

Preemptive Love work to collect data to develop strategy for future development of agriculture projects, endeavouring to allow the people they serve to increase their livelihoods and become self-sufficient.

Revolutionise the way relief is delivered

Another goal for Preemptive Love is to be able to revolutionise the way relief is delivered, so that they can show up fast on the frontlines and serve those closest to the conflict.

Impact milestones

As one of our humanitarian partners, Preemptive Love’s milestones look a little different to our development partners goals.

Our funding with Preemptive Love goes towards providing food to people living in conflict affected regions of Syria. Our partner is in the process of conducting a needs assessment. This assessment is used to select an appropriate type of food distribution, that takes into account local tastes, availability, and other supply chain and logistic considerations tailored to this context. This means that these milestones can only be confirmed after the results of the needs assessment are conducted.

Over the next few months, our Impact Partner will be able to report the specific grant milestones relevant to our funding, aiming to discover the following:

1. Total number of meals served in the most food-insecure locations of Syria

2. The number of families reached with emergency food interventions

3. The percentage of families who during the last 7 days, did not borrow or ask for food from a relative

4. The percentage of families who are not skipping/missing meals

5. The number of meals provided to the most food insecure populations—children under 12, the elderly, the disabled or injured, and women who are pregnant or lactating

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