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Together, we can end global poverty.

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What is Thankyou?

Thankyou is a social enterprise. We believe we can end global poverty in this lifetime, together. That's why we give 100% of the profits from our awesome products to help people in need, find out more here.

When will you be in New Zealand?

We’re planning to be in New Zealand in 2018. No one likes FOMO, so sign up here to be the first to know.

How can I buy your products in New Zealand?

Our products will be available in New Zealand after our official launch. For now though, you can buy Chapter One, our best selling book that tells the raw and real story of Thankyou at a pay-what-you-want price here.

How does Thankyou work?

We make great water, food, body care and baby products and give 100% of the profits to help end global poverty. So far, we’ve given over $5.5 million to people in need. But this is just the beginning … click here to find out more.

How can I help?

Great qs! There are a few things you can do right now.

  1. Sign up to be a part of the launch team here
  2. Tell your family and friends to sign up to the launch team
  3. Follow Thankyou on Facebook and Instagram.

Dear New Zealand Family,

I want to start by saying thank you.

Thank you to everyone who listened as we shared the Thankyou concept, had meetings with us and gave us countless hours of advice about New Zealand (and how much better it is than Australia).

Thank you to the suppliers who got product ready to market, the volunteers who helped sell our book Chapter One at events, the team at Exposure who worked with us to create some epic video material and the media who’ve used their platform to share the Thankyou story.

Thank you to the people who opened their homes to let the team crash in spare bedrooms as we travelled the country preparing for our launch, the people who purchased Thankyou products in Australia and brought them back over the ditch to share with their friends.

Thank you to the people who purchased Chapter One for their friends and family and the thousands of people who’ve signed up to join our launch team and follow us on social media - thank you for your passion, enthusiasm and more importantly, who you are. You are part of a remarkable group of people who give us hope that Thankyou will one day be a global movement of people who will see the end of extreme poverty.

Thank you to one epic person who gave up a week with his family to visit our projects overseas and see the first-hand impact we can make together.

I’m writing to you because our Thankyou New Zealand launch hasn’t gone to plan.

We started work on our Thankyou New Zealand launch 2.5 years ago now. We’ve researched, planned and launched a crowdfunding campaign that raised $600,000 to fund the launch. The goal was to launch earlier this year with an ambitious and what a lot of people said was a ‘can you even do that?’ campaign.

But then, an unwitting mistake changed everything just months from launch. One key component pulled out of the campaign (we’ll share the details post launch). Without this component, the campaign simply would not work. The mistake was ours - we learnt that you really shouldn’t make a launch so reliant on one key component. Or perhaps just not this one key component.

At the same time in Australia, Thankyou faced a rapid growth with our sales doubling over a 12 month period - which is awesome ... but the thing with rapid growth in a business is that it creates complexities and operational systems are needed to sustain it. We faced challenges that took our team’s skill and focus to fix, which meant we weren’t ready to cross the Tasman just yet. Even Ben, our New Zealand General Manager, who left his established and secure job in Auckland two years ago to join the team, has been traveling to Melbourne to lend his support to Thankyou Australia (it turns out Ben is one gifted human when it comes to running a product business).

I read somewhere that great progress is achieved through great adversity - to me that sums up the Thankyou story to date. We’ve never been afraid of adversity, because we exist for a progress and a cause much greater than ourselves.

Yes, our first set of plans didn’t work out but through the set back we’ve learnt. You see, we never wanted to just launch Thankyou into New Zealand. We want to launch Thankyou New Zealand - a strong business that empowers New Zealanders to choose a world without poverty from home soil.

So, in 2018 we’re launching Thankyou New Zealand.

What happens between now and launch day?

In September you’ll get the first call to action. Between September and November we’ll need your help to vote as a community on the right actions to take. This may sound cryptic for now, but we promise it will make sense in September. Then we’ll start 2018 refreshed and ready for what is going to be an epic launch like no company or organisation has ever launched before. Big call - but we think you’ll agree. If it works, then two of the smallest countries in size will go on to make a significant impact on global poverty.

Now you might think that we’re over thinking the launch, and the truth is we’ve been told before that our plans and dreams are too bold. We think Martin Luther King Jr. got it right when he said “All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence”. We put painstaking excellence into our launches because you, and the people we exist to serve and help out of poverty deserve it. When it’s over, we’ve learnt that people won’t remember how long it took, but if it worked.

Thank you for reading this letter and being on the journey with us. If you feel this should be shared with someone connected to Thankyou or a friend you know that’s ready to make a difference, we’d love it if you forwarded it to them.

Keep the key under the mat for us. We’ll be there soon.

2018 will be a year to remember.

- Daniel

Daniel Flynn MD and Co-Founder Thankyou

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