Typical day?
A typical day involves feeding Jaxon, playing with Jaxon, cleaning up after both kids, squeezing in some 'me' time when Jaxon is asleep and dashing out for an evening run as soon as my husband Nathan arrives home from work.

What’s the hardest part about being a parent?
Not being able to sleep in anymore!

What’s the one thing you wish you’d been told about being a parent?
The ever increasing amount of remembering that parenting involves - remembering kids routines, whether their water bottles are filled up, whether snacks are packed, the next size of clothing required, where their shoes are. The list never ends and I usually still forget something!

What’s the most unexpected thing about being a new parent?
Experiencing the love we have for our children. People described it to me, but no description sufficed until I truly experienced it for myself.

What’s one thing you do to sometimes just get through the day and make things easier?
Allowing my house to be a chaotic mess and reminding myself to keep calm, don't try and fit everything in and just be ok with that.

What are the key things you look for in baby care products?
Products that are natural, don't contain nasties and are effective in what they do.

Shirley’s questions for Thankyou

Thankyou Baby products don't contain the nasties - what active/other ingredients do you use that replaces the nasties and still ensures the products are effective?

Our Innovation Team work with our suppliers to find replacements that aren’t just a ‘swap out’ but are better for you, your baby and the experience you’ll have with the product. Most ‘nasties’ are there to make the product foam, but by doing this they also dry out skin. We wanted to find a way to ensure the products, like the wash and shampoo, lather the way you need them to, but in a natural way that won’t dry your hands and your baby’s delicate skin. In our wash range, for example, we use natural surfactants (like a coconut-derived one and a sugar-derived one)  to gentle cleanse - this is what nasties SLS and SLES do. We then also add in natural ingredients, like pro vitamin B5, coconut, aloe vera and oat extract in our baby shampoo to go the extra mile to helps to soothe ailments like cradle cap and eczema.

Is the Thankyou Baby Lotion suitable for sensitive skin and suitable to use on eczema?

The lotion (like the rest of the baby care range) was developed specifically for delicate baby skin. The lotion is pH balanced, dermatologically tested and free from all the nasties like SLS, SLES, EDTA, petrochemicals, mineral oils and parabens. The combination of rosehip, avocado and coconut oils together with gentle oat and chamomile extracts can help to soothe eczema and sensitive skin.

Shirley’s fave Thankyou Baby Care product


“Hands down - the baby wipes! They are the best in the market. Thankyou have produced a supreme product - the product is a great balance of a number of factors - size of the wipes, thickness, durability, dampness/moisture content and very importantly, retention of the moisture whilst in use. I use them for nappy changing as well as wiping face, hands and feet. Great for cleaning up the kids after messy meals!”

Our ingredients are derived from nature, baby.

Baby Care that Cares

Every 103 seconds a mother dies in childbirth. Globally, 2.7 million babies don’t make it through their first month of life every year because they don’t have access to basic health care.

We reckon that’s pretty messed up. That’s why our baby range helps get life-changing health services like immunisation programs, training of skilled midwives and medical supplies to mums and bubs in need.

So on behalf of all the lives you’re changing when you choose Thankyou, we say thank YOU!

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