What’s the hardest part about being a parent?
Mum guilt! It’s safe to say, being a mum and running a business is a never ending juggling act! Ha! But it’s knowing that “successful balance” doesn’t mean doing everything perfectly! I’m learning that all you can do is your best- and that IS good enough (even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.) Some weeks that means my kids consume 5 different types of vegetables on their plate at night for dinner, and the washing is done and put away and I feel like super mum! And other weeks, its Macca’s takeout more than once, washing piled so high I don’t know where to begin and I feel like I’m losing my mind! Ha! I’m learning to not be hard on myself- it’s all part of it and to just be kind to yourself cuz’ us mamas are all doin’ our best! :)

What’s the most unexpected thing about being a new parent?
That every experience is individual and SO different. My sister had a baby before I had my first, Halen. And I had watched her experience thinking my would be the same kind of thing. It was TOTALLY different- for example…she breastfed easily and for over a year with her babies, I had so many problems breastfeeding and struggled so much- it got me really down. I found if you compare to someone else’s experience, it can really affect you (especially with all the new mum hormones flying around!) So you just need to what is right and works for YOU and your baby. There is no such thing as doing the “wrong thing” when it comes to motherhood. You do what works for you and your family the best, and that is the “right” thing. Don’t put pressure on yourself at all, relax and enjoy the experience because when people say the time really goes so quick- they’re not lying!

What’s one thing you do to sometimes just get through the day and make things easier?
Am I allowed to say have a glass of wine??! Haha! No but for real, I definitely find it helps to just get it all out. I kind of just open up and blurt out my feelings to my hubby and just talk through my day which helps me process it all and can improve how I’m feeling- speaking it out loud somehow can make it seem more manageable. (Although I’ve had to tell him not to try and “fix” the issues I’m telling him about…but just listen and be a sounding board!) He’s learnt that lesson the hard way! haha!! But for me it’s definitely communication…and a nice relaxing glass wine! 😂

What are the key things you look for in babycare products?
Smell is really important for me- everything I get even for myself…I want it to smell amazing and sniff everything before I buy! And then of course making sure it feels nice on the skin.

Sasha's questions for Thankyou

What does dermatologically tested actually mean? I see it on lots of products, so have always thought what the process is for having that on the products?
We take the product to a dermatologist - a doctor who specialises in treating the skin - who tests the formula and confirms that the product will support the skin and not cause any harm. For baby products and for people with sensitive skin, this is an important step as the skin is extra delicate.

Who chooses and tests the smells and scents for the products?
Our amazing team in the office work with the product development team to test, smell and review all of the formulations that we come up with for our new products. Before that our product development team look at trends and inspiration in the beauty and skincare market as well as health and wellness trends and home decorating trends. We also take advice from our customer reviews and customer experience team that give us amazing feedback and ideas all the time.


“I love the nappies and the wipes…not just the fact that they’re super cool in their design + packaging…but they actually do what they say they’re gonna do! And the wipes are really durable and plush!”

Sasha's fave Thankyou Baby Care product

Our ingredients are derived from nature, baby.