What’s the hardest part about being a parent?
The hardest thing about being a parent is the overwhelming fear that somehow you’re doing something wrong or badly or worrying you’re somehow messing your kids up. Oh and cooking.... definitely trying to get your kids to eat things that aren’t deep fried!

What’s the one thing you wish you’d been told about being a parent?
Don’t have a child unless you’re fully prepared to spend a lot of time being extremely selfless and nurturing, kind and patient even when you feel like having a gin and watching Netflix!

What’s the most unexpected thing about being a new parent?
Suddenly it’s no longer about you. And how your heart just suddenly expands to this whole new size and you just think everything they do is the best like laughing and clapping, learning to walk and smile and dance. And how so many things you used to feel were important are now pretty unimportant.

What’s one thing you do to sometimes just get through the day and make things easier?
Mindfulness has changed my whole parenting life. Not the wishy washy stuff but the real thought changing mindfulness practice. Mindful parenting by just not rushing and pushing to complete everything and get everything clean. Just sitting a moment in the garden, in the playroom, at the park and just being present and right there with my children. Learning to do that and forgot all the “should have done this should have done that” and just freeing myself. And getting rid of mums on Instagram and Facebook who make me feel like I’m failing!

What are the key things you look for in babycare products?
Organic or as chemical free as possible, responsibly made or benefiting something good, cool and innovative, good quality and a good appropriate price for the quality.

Kristin's questions for Thankyou

How you choose which projects to fund and how you make sure the money is going directly and not being filtered off or abused.
We play a role in helping to end global poverty by working with impact partners to reach marginalised people living in extreme poverty, which is defined by people living on less than $1.90 a day or sustained material deprivation of basic needs defined by the UN.

Before we commit to funding a program, we test and assess the partner and approach to ensure that it offers not just a ‘quick fix’ but long-term, sustainable outcomes which involve the community. We believe sustainability involves more than building ‘hardware’, knowledge transfer and addressing behavioural change at all levels - community, government and the private sector.

With all of that said, we’re really proud to say that to date, we’ve given over $6.2 million to fund water, sanitation, food and maternal and child health programs in 20 countries including a local program in Australia that have reached over 857,000 people in need.

If you’re interested in more info on how we choose our project partners, check out this page on our impactful partnerships:

We have a few measures in place to ensure the funds go to the project. We independently audit our partners each year, visit the field where we conduct thorough checks through local records as well as multiple stakeholder -like government and local implementing partners -  to triangulate data from their reports and perform qualitative assessments.

We also inbuilt tracking into our projects system through our Track Your Impact web-based app. Every product has a unique code that when entered at shows the trackers information on what we fund, and then when a project has been assigned, will share detailed project specific information with the tracker. Because of this, we track the outputs per community and at the end of each project, the partner submits photo proof to be uploaded into the system complete with GPS coordinates so we know where the photo was taken.


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