What’s the hardest part about being a parent?
I've got to say that one of the hardest parts is fitting it all into the day. There's so much we want to do with the kids and sometimes fitting in the most important bits - the bedtime stories, the dog walks, the time spent doing nothing but hanging out together gets left behind a little bit. I try to prioritise that time and let some of the big plans slip by because it's so valuable and time is at such a premium for us.

What’s the one thing you wish you’d been told about being a parent?
I wish I'd been told how much fun I would have. I wish someone had sat down and explained that it would be tiring and difficult and scary but that everything we ever did would be better because we would be seeing it through the eyes of a child. Because that's the truth, What you gain is far more significant that what you lose.

What’s the most unexpected thing about being a new parent?
I think the effect that meeting that young person for the first time has on you as a young mum or dad. Everything changes. That feeling stays with you and changes the way you see the world. I mean, I had never cried at a TV show before having kids...

What’s one thing you do to sometimes just get through the day and make things easier?
I think the time you spend without the kids is so important, to recharge we try to plan some time together as a couple just doing simple things like playing a video game (bit geeky, I know) or catching up with some tv and a massive cup of tea.

What are the key things you look for in babycare products?
Although Isla (3) dictates a lot of our purchases nowadays (it's easier, right?!) I look for a brand with a conscience and as natural as possible. I'm also a sucker for some cool black and white branding ;)

Greg's questions for Thankyou

I've had a good look at the site and it's real informative - I love that you can see directly where the money goes too. But I'd like to know what's next for Thankyou... I've drank the water, used the nappies and baby products and some of the hand washes etc... any plans for a Thankyou beard oil? It would defo come in handy!
Every month our Customer Experience team collate all the feedback and suggestions for products, and we have to say, beard oil is a first! We’ll pass that one onto the team though, and who knows, you might see it pop up one day :)

In terms of what’s next for Thankyou, we’ve got our heads down focusing on New Zealand and developing some fun new products for our personal care rage. We see Thankyou as a business with limitless possibilities for innovation. What’s key for us is to focus on each campaign or launch so we can continue to build a strong team and company that plays a role in bringing global poverty to an end.

Between us, we’re working on some ahhmazing new products at the moment. Watch this space.