We believe in partnerships. We partner with organisations aligning with our core impact values to fund sustainable projects that empower communities and create real lasting change.

Our impact model means we do not form exclusive partnerships with any partners. Instead, we fund individual projects, proposed by our impact partners, which meet our impact values and criteria.

Once all the criteria have been met, we give funding to the chosen partner, who are responsible for implementing solutions on the ground. They keep us up-to-date with progress reports through the project, which we then pass on to our Thankyou customers via Track Your Impact™

Current project partners

Below is a list of all current project partners we are working with that adhere to our criteria:

Our Core Impact Values

  • Learning and Evidence

    We never claim to know it all, and our impact partners don’t either. Together, we are committed to ongoing learning and development through intentionally collecting evidence that demonstrates long-lasting impact.

  • Empowerment

    We believe the communities we serve are the solutions to the issues they face. Our role is to come alongside them, and back their dreams for their own communities. Education and the transfer of skills are therefore at the core of every program we fund.

  • People

    A skilled, dedicated and passionate team is the greatest determinant of an organisation’s success. Our impact partners both foster and retain incredible people who live and breathe what they say.

  • Capacity

    We never want to be an imposition to the important work our impact partners do everyday. Therefore our impact partners have the internal structure, systems, and capacity to meet our funding requirements.

  • Transparency

    Complete transparency, always and every step of the way. For us to make the impact together, transparency and trust are fundamental.