Meet Children’s Ground

Children’s Ground has been designed alongside First Nations people, and exists to empower communities to break the cycle of intergenerational inequity in education, health and economic wellbeing to create financial stability. So far, their team have worked alongside individuals in seven different locations within Central Australia and the Top End of the Northern Territory.

The remarkable communities and team at Children’s Ground are creating environments where children are raised free from trauma, discrimination, and suffering; enjoy equity and safety, and can grow into adulthood enjoying health and wellbeing and have the ability to live out their potential and the future they imagine for themselves.


First Nations People of Australia present the oldest living cultural history in the world, having a unique relationship with both water and the land dating back at least 60,000 years. With the land at the core of their spirituality, it is important to acknowledge and respect the rights of First Nations people as traditional custodians of the land. Today, we recognise their strong resilience and their capacity to continue to develop and sustain their rich and diverse cultural integrity.

These communities in Australia face various challenges, in particular, entrenched injustice, intergenerational disadvantage, trauma, and inequity experienced by children, families, and communities. The annual Closing the Gap report, which provides data on the status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, revealed that Australia was failing to close the gap in key areas of school attendance, literacy and numeracy, employment, and infant mortality. The findings of these reports highlighted the need to implement specific measures and a program to help reverse these challenges.

This is where, Children’s Ground, comes in.


We’re focused on sustainable impact. We love that the Children’s Ground approach is founded on the respect of Aboriginal culture and knowledge, and has been designed for and with communities experiencing intergenerational poverty. The Children’s Ground community-led programs are underpinned by research and experience, and are tracked over a 25-year period. Their service helps individuals realise their aspirations for the next generation of children and families to have agency over their social, cultural, political, and economic future.

When it comes to implementing change, communities lead the way. The new systems are built on trust, and are founded upon listening to the voices, backing the solutions and championing the already existing skills and abilities within each community. This all-in approach with the community enables the best learning environments for children and ensures their ability to live out any future they imagine for themselves. The aim is long-term change focusing on key areas; learning, family health, economic and community development, which are fundamental to the life-long wellbeing for every child.

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