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Thankyou® Food exists to fund immediate food aid and long-term food solutions. Each pack of life-changing muesli, clusters and 6-pack bars provides one week's worth of access to food aid to someone in need. Each individual bar (45g) provides one day acces to food aid to someone in need.

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  • Great Taste & Quality

    Our team has worked hard to develop a food range that‘s not only healthy and nutritious but tastes awesome too. We’ve used the highest quality ingredients to bring you products we know you’ll love. If you’ve got something you’d like to share with us about our products, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us by emailing

  • Life Changing

    Purchasing one packet of Thankyou® Food will provide at least one week’s supply of immediate food relief in emergency situations. Each packet also supports long-term sustainable food programs. You can Track Your Impact™ to see which projects your packet funds.

  • Keeping it Real

    At Thankyou, we’ve made sure our products contain wholesome ingredients including real fruit and nuts. There’s nothing worse than a food product that tastes and looks so artificial that you can’t even tell what it is until you read the ingredient list. We’ve done our best to serve things to you as nature intended.

  • Australian Made

    We help support Aussie jobs and the local economy by producing our muesli range in Australia.

  • Commitment to Ethical Sourcing

    We are committed to working with our suppliers to ensure the ethical sourcing of all ingredients within our products. View our our code of conduct here.

What’s next?

This range is just the beginning. If we can prove to retailers that the products sell, the rest is history. We look forward to hearing your ideas as together we expand the products available in our food range. Send us through your suggestions and ideas to

Callum Hann is Thankyou's Chief Taste Officer

Our Chief Taste Officer

I love food and I’m passionate about taste and quality. I joined the Thankyou® team for the opportunity to help people gain access to food - an everyday necessity that us Aussies often take for granted. We’ve worked hard to make sure you’ll love our products as much as we do! Check out the video of the journey we took to get this range off the ground.

We think changing the world should leave a good taste in your mouth!

Callum Hann,
Thankyou® Food CTO (Chief Taste Officer)

Cookbook author
Director of Sprout Cooking School
Winner of MasterChef All Stars
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A bowl of Thankyou Muesli

The Moment

Many of us can probably remember childhood moments when we were told to 'finish everything on our plate', even after insisting we were full (with just enough room for dessert, of course). We probably then listened as our parents explained that millions of children go hungry every day to which some of us smartly suggested the genius idea of sending over the leftovers in the post.

We love the idea that Thankyou® Food changes this moment forever. Now, the conversation is all about how your meal is directly impacting those in need.

Why Food?

Nearly 870 million people go hungry every day. Yet unbelievably in Australia alone, we waste a massive 5.2 billion dollars of food each year.

Research has shown there is enough food in the world to feed every person one and a half times over - it just needs a little 'redistribution'. So, what can you do?

Join the movement to help end world hunger.

The Issue

Health impacts icon

Health impact

Hunger is responsible for killing more people each year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. It is a key factor contributing to more than one-third of global child mortalities, resulting in 2.6 million deaths per year. Poor quality of food is just as damaging as inadequate quantity of it, with micronutrient deficiencies affecting more than 30% of people worldwide (WFP 2009, Save the Children 2012, FAO 2012).

Future impacts icon

Future impact

The first five years of a child’s life are critical for development, and undernourishment during this period affects a child's cognitive, motor, social and emotional function for the future. This is the case for the 156 million children under five in developing countries who are undernourished (Grantham-McGregor et al 2007).

Time impacts icon

Economic impact

Malnutrition has a direct link to poverty. Adults who are malnourished struggle to perform physical activity beyond a certain point and therefore have low work productivity, resulting in low income. This loss of human potential, in addition to direct health care costs, means that malnutrition costs the global economy approximately US$3.5 trillion yearly (WFP, UN 2013).

The Impact of Food Solutions

An illustration of a farm


Adequate nutrition is a crucial factor in the fight to reduce child mortality, improve maternal health and combat AIDS, malaria and other diseases (Copenhagen consensus 2008).


People who are nourished and healthy are more productive workers, earning up to 22% more income for their families (Grantham-McGregor et al 2007).

Global Security

Many experts agree that ensuring food security promotes peace. Providing people with adequate nourishment can bring calm to volatile situations, as food insecurity often serves as motivation for rioting and violence (WFP 2012).


Because of the fewer deaths, better health and increased future earnings that food security promotes, every dollar spent on improving the nutrition of children returns US$17, which contributes towards the growth of economies (Copenhagen Consensus 2008).

What We Fund

The solution to world hunger is not a simple ‘one size fits all’. There are two crucial elements needed to create holistic impact – short-term emergency food aid and long-term sustainable solutions.

Food For Now™

First up, a proportion of our funds goes towards immediate food relief for communities, since access to food is often disrupted by famine, drought, war or natural disasters. Food aid organisations, such as the World Food Programme (WFP), award contracts to 'implementing partners'; that receive an agreement for a specific amount of food to be distributed in a specific region. We partner with World Vision (the largest implementing partner of the WFP) to fund these contracts.

Sustainability is a big question that surrounds this type of food relief. What’s incredible is that food obtained for the WFP is often procured from other parts of the developing nation being assisted, which encourages economic growth. The food contract program is often the ‘foot in the door’ for our project partners to work with communities for long-term sustainable development.

Give a man a fish and you'll feed him.
Teach a man how to fish and he'll be fed for a lifetime.
Anne Ritchie

Food For Future™

The other proportion of funding goes towards long-term sustainable solutions. While it’s crucial to provide immediate food aid to those in dire need, we also see a great importance in funding long-term solutions that empower community members to work towards building their own futures. Food for Future™ covers a range of different sustainable programs:

Agricultural Projects: Agricultural projects aim to improve access to nutritious and reliable food sources by educating and empowering the community to grow and harvest sustainable vegetable and fruit gardens. The harvest is then used for consumption and leftovers are either sold or given away.

Livestock Projects: Livestock projects aim to increase the community’s food security by providing access to livestock for consumption and/or to help with labour. This is coupled with educating the community on proper animal rearing and management techniques.

Health Projects: Health projects aim to address the nutritional deficiencies within vulnerable groups of the community, particularly young mothers and children under five who are malnourished. Food supplements are given hand in hand with nutrition and health education.

Where to buy

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We're constantly working with our current retailers to get our products ranged in all stores, however, this decision is at the discretion of retailers. If Thankyou products are not stocked in your local store, we would suggest contacting the store manager and encouraging them to stock your favourite products. Thank you for playing a part in world change!

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